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Learning MBBS in Turkey offers Indian students a variety of universities that offer the highest quality and best standard of education. In addition, Pakistani students prefer studying MBBS in Turkey but also students from all over the globe choose Turkey as the MBBS Graduation Program because of the low tuition fees. Before you start researching the subject in MBBS in Turkey we will tell you the details about Turkey’s culture, weather, and food.

Turkey is considered to be a transcontinental state and is sometimes referred to in the Republic of Turkey. It is situated in the Anatolian Peninsula and on the Balkan Peninsula. It is a gorgeous country, which is bordered Bulgaria, Greece, the Black Sea, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Iran, Iraq, Syria, the Mediterranean Sea, and the Aegean Sea. The capital city of Turkey is Ankara and is the biggest city in the nation.

Turkey has four central and western regions that have different climates. The Marmara Region in the northwest is moderate temperatures and an average climate during the winter and summer months, ranging between 4’C and 27’C. However, you will also experience snow in the months of December and March.

Its Mediterranean region is characterized by the Mediterranean climate that is dry in summers and moderately rainy winters. Sunny weather lasts for approximately 300 days throughout the year, and temperatures can rise to 40°C. The coastline is shielded from the cold winds and northerly breezes by the Taurus mountains.

Anatolia’s Central area of Anatolia is a region with a continental climate due to its elevation. As you move to the east and south the climate gets colder. In this area, rainfall is very sparse and occurs in autumn and spring. The summers here are hot and dry with temperatures that can reach 29’C.

MBBS in Turkey

The medical school in Turkey is recognized as having a good quality of medical education with the latest and high-quality teaching techniques and numerous scientific methods. Turkey’s universities for MBBS are acknowledged by the MCI as well as the WHO in addition the Turkish education system is ranked 43rd worldwide.

Why Study MBBS in Turkey

There are numerous advantages to studying MBBS in Turkey that will motivate you to consider Turkey as a destination for your MBBS Degree. In Turkey, it is the case that you can earn the MBBS degree is awarded by English. English language. It is a requirement to be enrolled in the MBBS Universities in Turkey give medical degrees in various respected disciplines. 

The benefits of studying MBBS in Turkey are:

  • Affordable Fee Structure
  • State-Funded University
  • Highest Visa Ratio
  • Without IELTS/TOEF
  • Study Gap Accept
  • After Study PR, you can choose to

Study MBBS in Turkey for Pakistani Students

The best way to study Medicine in Turkey for Pakistani students: for a majority of students, pursuing Medicine was always a goal that never was accomplished. Most students are unable to pursue a degree in Medicine in their country due to expensive requirements or tuition costs. The study of MBBS within Turkey is often a preferred option for Pakistani students who wish to fulfill their goal of becoming doctors. It is possible to study MBBS In Turkey either in English or Turkish. These MBBS universities have campuses within Istanbul, Ankara, or Izmir Therefore, students have plenty of options to pick from.

MBBS in Turkey Fee Structure

The MBBS program in Turkey is different in comparison to other schools. This is why, in this article, students can find an overview of MBBS fees that are arranged in Turkey. The medical education required for studying MBBS is available in Turkey University cost of MBBS in Turkey is around 15,000$-30,000900$ for private Medical schools in Turkey. After filling our application forms, the applicant will benefit from a reduction in annual expenses and the scholarship program!

The Eligibility Criteria to study MBBS in Turkey

International Baccalaureate (IB): 30 points, with the minimum requirement of 2 Science subjects mathematics at a higher level (HL) and One Science subjects in Standard Level (SL) & at least 4 points each in Biology and Chemistry as well as Physics/Mathematics.

Indian Pre-University: 70% in all 3 subjects (Biology and Chemistry as well as Maths/Physics)

STPM/A Levels: Grades BBB, ABC, or AAC for three subjects (Biology and Chemistry, as well as Maths/Physics)

English Proficiency (Minimum): Band 4 in MUET (Local Candidates)/Band 6 in IELTS/550 in TOEFL (International Candidates)

The universities of Turkey offer MBBS Degree that provides subjects like Health Management, Veterinarian Medicine Complementary & Alternative Medicine, Dentistry and Pharmacy Human Medicine and Nursing. Midwifery Nutrition & Dietetics, Physiotherapy, Biomedicine, Public Health, Health Sciences, and numerous others.

The time required to earn the MBBS degree in Turkey is 6 years and is inclusive of an internship. The fee structures is different for each university. Universities of Turkey for MBBS differ from one another. However, the average cost for a degree for an MBBS in Turkey can range from USD 15000-$30000 per year.

The Study structure of MBBS Degree in Turkey are as follows:

  • The first and second years comprised of studying Basic Science.
  • The 3rd year is when you’ll be introduced to theoretical as well as the actual study of diseases.
  • Between the 5th and 4th grades, students will get introduced to the Clinical Internship.
  • The 6th and last year that you spend the time as a practicing doctor in the hospitals of the school you decide to pursue an MBBS from in Turkey. The hospital will assign you the obligations of regular doctors and be designated as an intern at the hospital. This is the start of your career as an aspiring doctor.

List of Top Universities Offering MBBS Degree in Turkey

  • Acibadem University
  • Altinbas University
  • Atilim University
  • Baskent University
  • Beykent University
  • Biruni University
  • Halic University
  • Istanbul Atlas University
  • Istanbul Aydin University
  • Istanbul Medipol University
  • Istanbul Okan University
  • Istanbul Yeni Yuzyil University

When you are you are studying MBBS in Turkey you’ll meet many foreign patients in the hospital since Turkey is known as the center for Medical Tourism. Therefore, there will be a number of patients traveling to Turkey to seek treatment treat Cancer, Cosmetic Surgery, and many others. It gives students who want to study MBBS in Turkey the opportunity to get hands-on experience in various types of ailments. Patients are from all around the world, including Iran, Asia, Russia, Europe, Saudi Arabia, and UAE. Therefore, universities located in Turkey for MBBS are encouraging international students to study the local language in order to be able to communicate directly with their patients throughout the course of their work.

MBBS in Turkey For Pakistani Students Fee Structure, Admission, and Requirement

One of the most desirable locations is MBBS in Turkey For Pakistani Students 2021. If you’ve got big ambitions and have a strong desire to pursue medical careers, and medicine, then MBBS within Turkey is an ideal alternative for you. It can lead to an opportunity to make a name for yourself in the medical field. To be eligible for BDS as well as MBBS for admission to the Turkey medical colleges students from Pakistan should have a good score on their FSC medical pre-medical tests. Students at A-level can apply. your degree must be authenticated. The complete documents must be submitted by you during the course of the admissions process. Pakistani students are interested in studying abroad opportunities, particularly in Turkey. Turkey is a sister Islamic country with Pakistan therefore Turkey provides numerous scholarships, including MBBS scholarships at various schools specifically for Pakistani students. Numerous medical universities in Turkey offer medical programs starting at bachelor to Ph.D. levels for Pakistani students. We have gathered some of the most prestigious awards for Pakistani students who wish to pursue a degree in Medicine or pursue the MBBS within Turkey.


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