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Learn How To Prepare and Take the Microsoft Azure Solutions Architect AZ-304 Exam


As one of the top players in the cloud computing market, Microsoft Azure has emerged as a dominant force. It is estimated that over half of Fortune 500 companies utilize Azure, which indicates the high potential of Microsoft Azure as a career choice. Microsoft Azure has become a popular alternative for businesses that want to upgrade their IT infrastructure. It has led to an increase in demand for Azure professionals. Thus, many individuals interested in obtaining the Azure architect certification seek out azure training.

Generally, the azure course certification should substantially increase one’s chances of getting a better-paying job. Cloud architects earn on average $153,000 per year. Therefore, it indicates a rationale for preparing for the Microsoft Azure Solutions Architect Expert exam. 

What are the prerequisites for the Azure Architect Certification?

When preparing for Azure architect certification, candidates should be aware that no specific prerequisites have been outlined by Microsoft Azure. Aspiring Azure certification candidates should know certain aspects to increase their chances of being certified.

For candidates attempting to achieve the Microsoft Azure architect certification, the following knowledge and experience requirements should be considered by Candidates:

  • Familiar with the administration of Azure at an intermediate level.
  • should have in-depth knowledge of Azure development processes and the DevOps environment in Azure.
  • Have a clear understanding of their responsibilities as Azure architects.
  • Should possess an advanced understanding of IT operations and how they relate to the overall program.

The AZ-304 Exam: Basic Information

Knowledge of the exam is an essential requirement for candidates seeking certification as an Azure architect. Exam details give candidates a general understanding of what to expect during the testing process.

  • AZ-304 exams consist of 40 to 60 questions. Candidates must improve their ability to answer the questions quickly and accurately.
  • Candidates must also be aware of the format of the exam questions. There will be multiple-choice questions and questions that require a single answer, based on situations. Also, you have the option to view questions in a drag-and-drop format, mark the answers for review, or reorder the questions.
  • You can attempt the AZ-304 exam in four different languages. These include English, Korean, Simplified Chinese, and Japanese. There is a fee of USD 165 to register for the exam.
  • Candidates preparing for the AZ-304 examination should focus on attaining a passing score. The passing score of an exam can provide you with a general idea of its complexity. The minimum score needed to pass AZ-304 is 700.

Microsoft occasionally offers free training sessions to the general public. Take advantage of these opportunities. You can also participate in challenges offered periodically. After completing this course, you will receive a complimentary voucher to register for Azure Certifications. 

The following areas are covered by the Microsoft Azure Architect Design Exam AZ-304.

For the exam of AZ 304, you should prepare by focusing on the following domains.

Domain 1: Developing monitoring solutions

In the AZ-304 exam, the first domain carries a weightage of 10% to 15%. Among the topics covered in this domain are:

  • Making recommendations for cost reduction, cost control, and reporting of costs
  • Recommending appropriate solutions for monitoring and logging

Domain 2: Developing identity and security solutions

It plays a significant role in the AZ-304 exam with a weightage of around 25 to 30%. It includes the following topics:

  • Recommendation of authentication solutions
  • Designing the infrastructure for authorization
  • Recommendation of governance strategies and solutions
  • Recommending comprehensive security solutions for applications

Domain 3: Developing flexible data storage solutions

In the exam, nearly 15% to 20% of questions will focus on designing solutions for data storage. This domain includes the following topics:

  • Choosing a suitable database solution
  • Designing a solution for data integration and data flow
  • Making a selection of a suitable storage account

Domain 4: Developing Business Continuity Solutions

Study topics in this domain of the AZ-304 exam before attempting the Azure architect certification exam. These topics include:

  • Providing solutions that are flexible in terms of recovery and backup

Domain 5: Developing infrastructure solutions

With 25% to 30% weighting in the exam, this domain is critical to your AZ-304 exam preparation. The following topics are important in this domain:

  • Providing recommendations for appropriate network architecture and solutions
  • Providing recommendations for migration of databases, virtual machines, and applications
  • Choosing the most suitable technologies for computer provisioning
  • Providing recommendations on how to integrate different components of an application infrastructure

In conclusion

It is not difficult preparing for the AZ-304 exam if you have the proper materials. It is essential to have an understanding of your roles and responsibilities before your certification as a Microsoft Azure Solutions Architect.

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