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Learn Everything about Virtual Exhibition in brief


Today, when we are in the middle of the pandemic, are bound to be at home, digital platforms are coming in handy to stay connected to our loved ones and manage businesses from home. With the help of advanced technology, the virtual world is becoming an inevitable part of our life. Virtual gatherings, meetups, dates, and events are something that people are accepting and getting familiar with, especially when meeting physically is not possible in current scenarios. This has made virtual exhibition more popular and utilized virtual means.

Many art galleries or exhibitioners use virtual exhibition platforms to hold events or exhibitions to let people enjoy the art from their homes. Nowadays, many people host their marriages, birthdays, and personal events through virtual means to include everyone in their occasions.

 The technology is getting popular day by day, and makers and business experts believe that it will stay in the future for sure. 

So, now we’ll talk about this technology and everything related to it, as our physical world is mixing up with the virtual world.

What is this Virtual Exhibition?

Virtual exhibitions are an online event or gathering of users organized on a web-based virtual exhibition platform. It enables users to host an event virtually with thousands of audiences worldwide. The attendees can interact via text, videos, and audio messages. The makers are now introducing new features to make the events more engaging with fun activities and segments. Event planners can use these features to organize the virtual event which is engaging for their attendees. 

Virtual events are proving to be more beneficial than physical ones. Let’s see how:

Benefits of Virtual Exhibition over the Physical Exhibition

Global approach: 

Hosting virtual events lets you reach audiences worldwide; you need a neat connection between the internet and a device. This is not achievable on physical events unless you broadcast it on the internet, but that also will come as a virtual plus physical event.

Reduce cost: 

While hosting an event, there are things to do like accommodation, refreshments, venue, and so much more, whereas a virtual event does not require doing that work. Saves the spending amount of hosting organizations. 

Engaging content: 

The event planners are making more engaging content that increases the audience’s level of engagement, and the 3D real-life avatar on the virtual exhibition platform gives the attendees a real-time experience. The planners can make the event memorable for each audience by using creative ways.

Analyze the result: 

You can analyze the results of your virtual exhibition, as you can obtain a detailed report of the event and measure your ROI. At the same time, physical events take time to measure the result. The faster analysis will help you be ahead of your future planning.

These benefits of the virtual exhibition over physical exhibition make it businesses number one choice to scale up the business. 

How do you host a virtual exhibition successfully?

Decide what you want to achieve? 

If you are hosting a virtual event, then first determine the goal of your event, like asking yourself what you want to achieve at the end of your event. This will help you prepare a roadmap of your virtual event and lead to a successful event.

Prepare a draft of what you will need in your event

Create a draft of things you want to offer on your virtual events to your attendees. For example – the registration fees, virtual booths for different audiences, fun activities, etc.

Choosing the right technology

Now, choose the right virtual exhibition platform provider to offer engaging and customized virtual event services. It is crucial to choose the right platform to host a successful event. The right platform will work on your vision and help you achieve your goals. 

While choosing your virtual platform provider, make sure to check all prospects like reviews, market value, affordability, and their previous virtual exhibits.

Easy access to your delegates and attendees

Work on the accessibility of your content to the attendees. The content should be seamlessly accessible with just one click. The linked content, PDFs, and other files download options for the audience.

Interactive maps 

The easy navigation around the virtual exhibition helps the attendees to decide which hall they want to visit. Branding the engagement points ensures the delegates visit individual exhibitors’ pages. 

Create a stand design

Creating an attractive stand design for your exhibition will impress your delegates. Choose accordingly as stand design reflects the brands and motto of your company. You can choose 2D, 2.5D, or 3D designs according to your budget.

Engage your delegates

Engaging your audience is most important as they can easily log off if they get bored at the event. So, including question and answers sessions, audience polls, interactive workshops, games can help.

Digital footprints

Tracking the movements of attendees during the exhibition and keeping a record of it help you evaluate the success rate of the virtual exhibition.


Ask for feedback from your attendees will help you analyze what you need to improve and follow that in your next event.

Event Marketing 

Well, marketing is important to know about the event you are organizing and attend it. Many virtual exhibition platforms provide event marketing tools to draw the crowd.

Some best virtual exhibition platforms 


It is a leading virtual exhibition platform and is trusted by many global companies. It is a one-stop virtual exhibition solution platform where you will find everything required for the exhibition. At Samaaro, you will find everything from innovative designs to e-posters for marketing.


Have experience of more than 10 years and specialize in transforming virtual experience by offering useful features to host an engaging event. The platforms have introduced many new features such as gaming, AI matchmaking, etc. hence, a good platform to host a virtual exhibition. 

Final Thoughts

Virtual exhibitions, events, and meetups are becoming an essential part of the business. And businesses know its importance, it’s quite evident that its use will increase in the coming future. Utilizing the right platform and proper planning, you can host a successful event for achieving your business goals. 


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