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When it comes to manufacturing coloured diamond jewelry, there is no match for the coloured diamond jewellery manufactured by Kundan Lal & Sons. Although they have been in this industry for many decades now, when it comes to coloured diamond jewellery manufacturing, quality is the middle name of Kundan Lal & Sons. In this article, we will be discussing yellow diamonds. If we look at the color scale of a natural colorless diamond, it is graded between D and Z. However, almost at the end of the scale, the fancy coloured diamonds scale begins.

The fancy yellow diamond scale lies within the colorless diamond scale’s X, Y, and Z range. These fancy yellow coloured diamonds are also known as Cavalry Diamonds. These are the only diamonds that start from the colorless grading scale. Fancy yellow diamonds are graded as per the texture of the color, which is ideally present within the stone.

As per the grading scale, diamonds at the top of the scale are the ones that contain the dullest tones of yellow. Hence, they are known as light yellow diamonds. Though the base color of these stones is yellow, they also contain some traces of the color white. On the contrary, on the other side of the scale, the yellow diamonds have bright tones of the color yellow. These have no traces of white and contain extremely yellow color throughout.

The intensity of yellow color diamond:-

The intensity chart of yellow diamonds is a bit more complex than the other coloured diamonds. The pure yellow diamonds with absolutely no overtones come in six different color grades: Light, Fancy Light, Fancy, Fancy Intense, Fancy Vivid, and Fancy Deep. All of these are entirely natural. However, unlike these, the yellow diamond with overtones has a fancy dark intensity. In the case of yellow diamonds, the cut of the diamond often plays a crucial role in enabling the intensity of the color. When you purchase a finished product, this is very clearly reflected in the form of yellow diamonds.


Though yellow diamonds are scarce, even though they are present in abundance, about the pricing of yellow diamonds, their prices are pretty affordable compared to other coloured diamonds. In fact, with yellow diamonds, it is highly believed that making them a part of your diamond collection is both affordable and extravagant at the same time. The most affordable shades of yellow diamond are Fancy Yellow and Fancy intense yellow stones, whereas the fancy vivid yellow ones are slightly at a higher cost.

Should you invest in yellow diamonds?

In comparison to other coloured diamonds, natural coloured diamonds are more common. Since they are affordable and readily available, their demand is always high. The demand for the yellow diamond has been on an ever-increasing trend for the past few years. If you are thinking about investing in yellow diamonds, invest in yellow diamonds with high clarity and high intensities. These kinds of diamonds make one of the best investment opportunities. In fact, at many auctions, yellow diamonds are the highest to be sold for.

Why should you buy yellow diamonds for your engagement rings?

Over the past few years, yellow diamonds have been popularly used as the centerpiece of engagement rings. As a result, these yellow diamond engagement rings are far more attractive than any other colorless diamond ring.

Famous Yellow Diamonds:-

The most famous yellow diamonds are The Tiffany Yellow, The Allnatt, and The Florentine. Like other coloured diamonds, yellow diamonds can be found in all shapes and sizes. The most popular shakes are oval, pear, radiant, heart, round, and princess.


Yellow diamond occurs in abundance in the Yellow diamond jewellery best manufactured at Kundan Lal & Sons.

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