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Kudremukh Trek: Beginners Guide



The heart warming In India had a  valley of flowers on it. In this trek you have to visit this at least in your whole lifetime. These are medicinally bagging of species at countless flowers of this valley as offers the peace on it. This has  the jog down of the local area around the pleasant  food and has the environment of mood and mesmerised it. In this way the flower pathed at glance it seemed to like the trek. In this vast flower of colourful pleasant feels like species on it. These has to lifetime trek of boons of flowers to enjoy. In the distance of 16 km there is a pinned and valley the flowers are away from it. 

Things to Carry

It has a stunning valley of May, June, and September months of the year. When we wear a warm shirt for the start of the Kudremukh trek. These have water resistant pants and jackets. This has sweater sleeved wollen of full. They have  to carry an umbrella while the weather can change within seconds only. The sun rays have camera sunglasses to take pictures with flowers. When We travelling by walking we need to carry a water bottle and a towel. Some trekking people carry the first aid kit also before they go trekking. This has to carry the first aid kit consisting of bandages, antibiotics, vomiting medicines etc will be there.  

People can carry their fruits and daily needs. Daily needs have soaps, pairs of gloves, shorts, woollen hats, and Woollen jumpers. This has the flowers of negotiated difficulty of the valley if level to moderate. These trekkers are found to be a valley of flowers to be fit. They have to be confronted with difficulties. These have the overwhelming effect of trekking forests and vegetation. I am afraid of landslides on this trek. 

Detailed Itinerary

Day 1

This consists of Hindu mythology Lord Haridwar to Joshimath of religious pilgrimage. This has to be standing of seven pristine temples of Haridwar. These have the  sacred pristine temples of the best one with the holy Ganga river. This has the Lone tree at Ontimara of forest on it. This has to coordinate the Gps of the Forest Office in 13°9`6.61“N,75°18`16.49“E. It has the scoundrel of Devastates in these incursions. The permission of the forest office to start from the forest office on it. This has the water falling sound to hear at Sinasabi falls as its trail distance of forest stays . It has the spot of wildlife, is lucky enough and has many leeches and earthworms of this Shila forest. Stream of cross at Gradual ascent of trekking during monsoon in high level. To do this trekking the shoes are crossing the stream of the pole. This can avoid these  leeches of Salon at the start of grassland at summit and remove it. This has the wide canopy surrounded by the spot of forest underneath

Day 2

If the latter have the drowning sins of Ganga river water themselves as devotees it is vowed. It is the last leg of our trek at a gentle slope in combination with this trek. It has very scenic green hills with beautiful rolling sections. This has Meghan’s Jambhe at the ground of the flat in this trek on it. It has the spot of Mountains  can start the trek. In the  steeper of Gradual, the trek has an ascent of this valley visible on it. It  can consist of the excitement of the beautiful part of our eyes as in front of the summit of the trek. In that final stretch of trekkers climbing that steep trail on it. These can ascend the trekking pole of the mountain of trail on it. 

Day 3

It has the elevation of glacial lakes that are elevated 4329 metres of the Mountain ranges of it . Stand for snow and kind stands for Bowling it  could be . These can break and drink of these water and reach the place of around it. The heart of the valley of back kudremukh trek. These can view the final leg of the peak that leads it. The stones are piled up on the board of this trek. This has to indicate the highest point of this ledge of space to sit as very windy on this trek. It has the uneven Green carpets of mist surrounded by clouds at Spectacular view of this trek. This feels like satisfaction and tranquillity around the lunch of this sitting . 


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