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2D Animation: Everything You Should Know About it


You can create movements for sketches and cartoon characters. As their names suggest, these are two-dimensional spaces that use 2D animations to transform into moving artwork. Sometimes, illusions are added to static imageries to improve their simulations.

FX effects, symbols, characters/creatures, and backgrounds are prevalent types of 2D artworks. These generally cost less than any other type of moving gimmicks. Besides different animations requiring meticulous skills and knowledge, 2D is comprehensibly fluid. It means that you can quickly learn these animations in a few hours.

Present-day 2D Animation

Almost everything includes 2D animations. Everything comes under the radar. Also, it covers advertising, entertainment, videos, and whiteboard illustrations, from websites to mobile apps. Over the years, these image effects are evolving. Television and streaming services take note and use 2D animations as their go-to graphics for program intros and outros. It is the primary reason the demand for 3D Video animation services has increased considerably. Now you might be thinking, what do these graphic artists do? Well, that’s what we’re going to discuss now. Let’s go!

What is the role of a 2D animator?

These professionals convey ideas, stories, and other hidden messages in their animation works. They create characters, objects, backgrounds, and different two-dimensional environments. The main purpose of these experts is to enhance the overall representation. They improvise with static images and add hints of expression in them. It would not be wrong to say that they work with 2d Video animation services experts.

Additional responsibilities for 2D animators may include:

  • Outlining designs.
  • Making characters.
  • Adding 2D animations to video scenes.
  • Creating background transitions.
  • Creating storyboards.
  • Making special effects.

Sometimes, 2D animators work as a single unit. They divide different segments of the whole design to ensure high quality. Besides, divisions in such animations can help these experts make the most of their skills. They’re able to concentrate more and develop award-winning 2D graphic works for their clients.

2D Animation Developer Career Opportunities

The motion graphics industry is full of potential and new finds. By this, we mean some expert designers have great talents. For instance, they can work for feature films, provide 2D animations for web series, video games, ecommerce websites and so much more. As well, excel in the following fields:

Some of the many different roles include:

  • Animator
  • Animation Manager
  • Team Animations’ Leader
  • 2D Animation coordinator
  • 2D Games Developer
  • Character Designer
  • Storyboard Sketch Artist
  • Illustrator
  • Background animator
  • Motion Graphics designer

Best 2D Animation Software

There are sundry options available you can use to improve your skills in 2D animations. However, it all depends upon your preferences. But, select the one that suits your needs and enables you to open up your skills to the next level. Some famous 2D animation softwares include Synfig, Pencil2D, PowToon, Toon Boom Harmony, Animaker, Adobe Flash, and Encore.


These two-dimensional graphic artworks aren’t dying soon. After all, it’s one of the first table turners for adding life to your dull drawings. The Walt Disney Studios is experimenting with different styles and effects. They’re trying to create new 2D animation breakthroughs in the coming years. Other companies trying the same include Pixar, Dreamworks, and Sony.


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