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Keyword Analysis is the Foundation of Your SEO Campaign


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a prominent technique in online marketing campaigns. Unlike other strategies, SEO focuses on building brand awareness and gaining the trust of the target market rather than making a direct sale.

SEO primarily aims to boost the company’s visibility through web content. The more relevant the content is to search engine queries, the better ranking it gets. A high search engine ranking means a better chance for the market to know more about the company, its products, and its services.

The 2019 Edelman Trust Barometer Special Report revealed that trust is a major consideration in a brand purchase. SEO also helps the company earn this trust by providing information, guidance, insights, tips, support, and a better customer experience. 

For SEO to work, the company first needs to reach its target audience. This entails learning their wants and needs through research. To start SEO initiatives, the company gathers information about competitors in the online platform and the industry in general. The research stage also involves keyword analysis; the result of which serves as the foundation for the succeeding SEO activities.

Keyword analysis is finding the terms and phrases that people use in search engines. It gives the company an idea of what information people are looking for. The companies incorporate these keywords in their webpage content so that when a search engine user inputs the keyword, the search engine will find the article. The more visibility the company’s website content gets, the better, as it means more people visiting the website and learning about the brand.

However, keyword analysis takes more than just identifying the exact words and phrases people use. The process involves careful assessment to determine which ones will help promote competitive advantage. In particular, keywords with a high usage rate and low competition are the most useful in achieving the SEO goal.

Strategies in using keywords are also important in SEO. For example, many organizations might be focusing solely on search volume and neglect the reason why people are using the keyword. Without the “why,” the organization could be writing content that people do not care about. They might get top ranks for the articles based on this keyword, but it does not help the company in making leads. Therefore, finding the user intent is critical in producing SEO content that gives the most relevant answer to people’s questions.

Another mistake some companies commit is not doing keyword research at all. It happens when companies go with gut-feel when choosing the keywords to target. Without keyword analysis, the company could be making efforts on keywords that are already too competitive or keywords that people do not search for.

This mistake also diverts the organization’s time and resources from using a more effective SEO online marketing strategy. Keyword research and analysis provide so much information that the organization can use to build SEO strategies. Without keyword research, SEO activities have no direction. And with no keyword analysis, the company has no way to assess the risks and chances of success of SEO initiatives.

Avoid these mistakes and improve the company’s SEO online marketing techniques by understanding fundamentals. Learn more about keywords and keyword analysis in this infographic from Landau Consulting.


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