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Key Indicators to Upgrade Your Taxi Dispatching Software


Today, Taxi companies use dispatch software to manage their fleet better and cut costs. Therefore selecting the best taxi dispatch software is necessary, but it is not sufficient in and of itself. Keeping track of fleet is a key performance indicator (KPIs) to maximizing productivity and efficiency.

In the taxi industry, productivity, costs, and quality rates are all measured by key indicators. This data will directly impact the efficiency of your taxi business, and you will be able to track and evaluate it regularly.

A fleet manager’s KPIs can be tracked using three main benchmarks: controlling costs, increasing productivity, and enhancing fleet efficiency. Hence, it is crucial to consider the specific areas in which your taxi business needs to be improved before making a final decision.

Here’s a taste of what’s to come:

Taxi Dispatch System Upgrade Key Indicators

  • Taxi vehicles are availing time.
  • Safety on the Roads Observance
  • Keep tabs on any vehicle malfunctions.
  • Adherence to a Route
  • Reports of the inspections
  • Fuel Efficiently Per Vehicle 
  • Assignment of Vehicles to Drivers
  • Productivity in the fleet

You may wonder, “What are the most important indicators to upgrade my current Taxi Dispatching Software?” We’ve listed the most important ones below for your convenience. If you’re looking to upgrade your current taxi dispatching system, here are the most important KPIs to focus on.

Let’s get started right away.

Taxi Dispatch System Upgrade Indicators :

When a vehicle is idle,

Some taxi drivers leave their vehicles unattended for longer periods of time than is necessary. The fuel efficiency of your company vehicles can be improved while their carbon footprint is reduced (if unnecessary idling is reduced). On the other hand, poor idle time tracking reduces your return on investment.

Safety on the roads

When no one is looking, some drivers find themselves tempted to flout traffic laws.” The government has the right to fine both the driver and the vehicle if they break the rules of the road. Using GPS tracking systems to keep tabs on employee safety on the road can save your business from going bankrupt. Accidents, injuries, and liability costs can be significantly increased as a result of even a seemingly inconsequential mistake. Depending on the severity of the violation, it may even cost you your entire business.

Keep tabs on vehicle malfunctions.

Every effort should be made to avoid vehicle breakdowns, in which fleet vehicles experience an unexpected breakdown and are unable to continue operating safely. The current taxi dispatching system may be inadequate and should be overhauled if many vehicles break down. To avoid further disruptions, fleet managers should keep track of breakdowns and try to figure out what’s causing them.

Adherence to the Travel Route

To ensure that your drivers follow the predetermined routes, you should watch them. The difference between those who get lost and those who deliberately deviate can be seen when comparing a driver’s route to an optimized route. GPS tracking software makes it simple to keep tabs on the inefficiency of your drivers.

Reports of inspections

The health and efficiency of your fleet can only be better understood with daily vehicle inspection reports and real-time alerts. It is possible to monitor the real-time condition of your taxis with the help of clone app development company. In addition, recognizing the early signs of your vehicle’s malfunctions will allow you to plan more effective maintenance and possibly reduce downtime for your fleet. Using an on-demand taxi dispatch system also grants you access to additional custom reports, such as those on harsh braking, speed variation, and engine ignition time.

Amount of Fuel Used Per Asset

The most difficult and critical task is to keep the cost of fuel stable. To keep your fuel costs in check, you must keep track of how much you use and how much you waste. When it comes to determining key performance indicators (KPIs), it’s more critical to pay attention to things like fuel efficiency. Owners of taxicab companies must keep track of fuel consumption patterns and pay attention to how their drivers behave and how routes can be optimized.

It would be easier for managers to keep track of fuel consumption if they used a Taxi Dispatch System instead of paper receipts. In addition, they would be able to track the entry and expenditure of fuel in real-time. Because of this, on-demand taxi dispatch software helps you optimize your fleet’s route and improve your fuel efficiency.

Assignments for Drivers

A fleet’s productivity can’t be maximized solely by looking after its vehicles and other assets; fleet managers must also keep tabs on their drivers. Making use of key indicators to get an overall picture of what a driver is doing will go a long way toward making sure that drivers are safe and productive while on the job. It’s easy to track and manage your drivers from afar with the help of taxi dispatch software. Your drivers can be watched in real-time using a variety of techniques. This can be done by assigning GPS-enabled vehicles and reporting on distance traveled, stoppages, and fuel costs to track driver behavior.

Productivity in the fleet

Managers of a fleet must be aware of how productive their vehicles are. Fleet productivity can be evaluated using a variety of metrics, including average job completion time, time on location, and vehicle activity. To help fleet managers streamline their operations and improve service standards, metrics like these would be extremely helpful.

Final Thoughts

There are a lot of benefits to keeping track of key performance indicators (KPIs), but it’s important to have an on-demand dispatch system in order to do so. When it comes to saving money and improving customer service, a good taxi dispatching system can help.


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