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It’s just space: a selection of gadgets for Cosmonautics Day


On April 12, the world celebrates the first meeting of mankind with the stars. For Cosmonautics Day, we have prepared a truly stellar selection. Explore the mysteries of the galaxy, admire the mysterious luminaries in your home planetarium and discover satellite technology with us. Go!

Journey to the stars
Today it is not necessary to fly into space to get a little closer to the mysteries of the universe. Technology allows you to study distant stars without leaving your cozy home. Setting up an observatory or planetarium at home is now very easy.

Telescope. Who has not dreamed at least once in a lifetime to look at the planets and satellites. With a telescope you can see the surface of the moon, twinkling stars, nebulae. Affordable telescopes for beginner astronomers and more professional auto-sighting options are at your disposal. Modern telescopes are equipped with a smartphone mount to take spectacular astrophotos.

home planetarium. This is a device that was created for space shows. Turn your ceiling into a night sky, admire thousands of stars and dozens of constellations. As in a real planetarium, you will be able to observe the change in the starry sky as the Earth rotates. Study the starry sky with the whole family, especially such observations will be interesting and useful for children.

space decor
In a world of endless stress, you really want to surround yourself with something that gives peace and serenity. We associate space with eternity, mystery and monumentality. Decorate your home with cosmic décor for an environment that is conducive to relaxation and contemplation.

Night light “Moon” – the most atmospheric lighting option for your home. The surface of this night lamp repeats the relief of the Moon with all its craters, “seas” and ridges. If you turn on the night light in complete darkness, it seems that you have become the owner of a miniature copy of the Earth’s satellite.

A projector lamp is not just a night light or a decorative lamp. It projects the starry sky onto the walls of the room, making them shine. This is a small starlight source that will easily fit on your bedside table. Children will especially like the stars.

Night light “Cosmonaut” – let your child’s sleep be guarded by a brave astronaut. An original lamp in the shape of an astronaut in a spacesuit will become an interesting detail of the interior of a children’s room. The soft diffused light of the night lamp does not interfere with falling asleep and saves from the fear of the dark.

Space games
Games about space appeal to both children and adults. Young players will be able to learn about how our Universe works, get an idea about physical concepts, and even get seriously interested in astronomy. And adults will once again plunge into childhood and be able to cool off from pressing matters.

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is a PS4 and Xbox ONE game based on the most popular space saga of all time. Long ago, in a galaxy far, far away, a Jedi Padawan who narrowly escaped death fights the Imperials and tries to rebuild the Jedi Order. The game has already sold over 8 million copies worldwide, it’s time for you to arm yourself with a lightsaber!

The HTC Vive Cosmos virtual reality system – no need to wait another century for space tourism to become commonplace, because the future has already arrived! Embark on a VR journey with HTC Vive Cosmos. High-resolution graphics, six sensor cameras and built-in headphones provide an immersive experience in virtual space reality.

Constructor “Scientific set: Solar system. Planetarium is one of the most exciting ways to learn how our galaxy works for a child. Such a constructor can be assembled by the whole family, as a result you will get a model of the solar system. The kit includes a special paint, thanks to which the model will effectively glow in the dark.

“Solar-powered lunar rover robot” constructor — a child does not have to read boring textbooks and listen to notations in order to become interested in physics, space and ecology. Invite him to assemble a lunar rover powered by a small solar battery. Once assembled, charge the battery and watch the robot navigate obstacles on its six-wheeled mechanical suspension. At the same time, you will be able to tell why solar panels are needed and why green technologies are important for our planet.

Space gadgets for home
Space technology has long penetrated our homes. We use satellite dishes and do not even think about how a satellite orbiting the Earth 35,000 km away from us gives an impeccable picture on TV. Say what you like, but the conquest of space has made our life much more convenient. Once smart home systems were found only in science fiction novels, but now they have become commonplace.

Satellite TV is a modern option for connecting television, which has many advantages over cable TV. The satellite dish provides a high-quality picture, so you can enjoy HD channels. Unlike cable television, which is not carried out everywhere and does not always work on favorable terms, a satellite dish can be installed in almost any home. It is also worth noting the huge number of channels broadcast from the satellite.

Star Wars Electric Toothbrush – Brushing your teeth is more fun with the Imperial Stormtrooper! Such a brush will be a real gift for parents who are trying to convince their child of the need for hygiene procedures. This is much easier to explain if you enlist the help of a hero from the space saga. The Braun Oral-B Vitality waterproof toothbrush can be used by children from the age of three. The brush is equipped with a timer so that the baby learns to brush his teeth for the allotted time.—621141cfde3d18ff689b7e48–621305fc03465ad06d8b4648–6213063b9e3d693b115dcf66–621306f29fe1ff1c55a4bef0–6213080022955c7e1c1d7f5c


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