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iTools 2022 – The best tool for managing iPhone, iPad and iPod touch


When you are using the same app for over years, you get fed up with using it. So if you are still using the default iTunes on your iDevice to manage its digital media files, it’s time to switch to another file management tool, which is iTools 2022.

What is iTools?

If iTools is new to your vocabulary, here we are going to introduce what it actually is. iTools 4 Free Download is a freeware that allows you to manage files on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. It is a computer-based software that supports both Windows and Mac computers. And you can download it directly from our official website.

Although iTunes is the default file manager tool that comes to iDevices, iTools 2022 gives you better functionality in managing digital media files on your device. As such, it is known as the best alternative that has ever been designed for iTunes.

itools 2022

iTools 2022 is the newest version of its product line

iTools is available in many versions, and iTools 2022 is its latest version. This latest version of iTools comes with several improvements and new features. And the developer has even added new compatible devices to the list as well including newly released iPhone 13. And the good thing is, you can also download this latest iTools version again from our official website.

Features of iTools 2022 version

AirPlayer 2022

This is a unique feature that you get only with iTools. AirPlayer 2022 can mirror your iDevice’s screen into your PC screen. With the help of that, you can get widescreen experience in mobile gaming, video streaming, image streaming, and browsing the web.

Ringtone Maker

Usually, you have to make payment to change your default ringtone on your iPhone to one of your favorite songs. Because of that, many people are stuck with the default ringtone. But thanks to this special feature in iTools 2022, you get the opportunity to set your favorite song as your iPhone’s ringtone without paying a single penny.

iTools Image manager

iTools gives you a separate tool for image functioning. With this feature, you get the opportunity to share images between your iDevice and PC and preview the images in their original resolution. Also, you can add, delete, sort, and edit images on your iDevice with this feature.

Battery Master

One of the common problems faced by iDevice users is not being able to use their device because of the huge battery drain. But thanks to iTools Battery Master, you get the opportunity to know all details about your device’s battery life. The details include electric current, battery temp, actual capacity, current voltage, battery SN, etc. With all these details, you can manage your device’s battery life not to drain fast.

Data Migration

Data migration is very important to those who have bought a new iDevice because you need to migrate data from your old device to the new one. For that, many people had to use external data migration tools. But thanks to iTools 2022, you get a built-in data migration tool that can migrate all your device data to another iDevice.

Data Transferring

Transferring data is very much easier with iTools software. You can drag and drop any type of file such as images, documents, songs, videos, podcasts, audios, etc. to transfer them between your iDevice and PC. You will not lose any of your device data while transferring with iTools because it will not lose them.

Icon Arranger

Most people have hundreds of app icons on their device screens. They are hard to be managed. But the Icon Arranger feature in iTools 2022 helps you to manage them very well by using your PC screen. 

Backup and Restore

Most people use separate backup tools to make backups and restores on their devices. But thanks to iTools 4 Free Download, you get two separate options to backup and restore built into the software. Using these options, you can safely backup all important data on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, as well as restore them safely when you need them.

How to download iTools 2022?

You can download iTools 2022 for free to any Windows or Mac PC. All you need to do is to get the latest installable file to your PC. You can Google for finding iTools or you can use a trusted website to get the software. Make sure to use a secure source to get the iTools.


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