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Is life possible on AMD Athlon X4 840?


Having studied the situation on the market, we understand that the prices for components are far from childish. At current prices, two lines of AMD processors (A-series, with an integrated video core; and Athlon, the same, but without a video core), for the FM2 + socket, are a good and very budget solution for your PC. This option is for those who have a PC on the Fm2 + socket, or rather an A-series processor.

Today our article will be devoted to – AMD Athlon X4 840. A very budget solution for today, this “stone” is able, with grief in half, to run even relatively “fresh” games.

AMD Athlon X4 840 is a good option, yes, there is AMD Athlon X4 860k, which will be slightly more powerful, but you can only buy it used or order from China, if you want a new processor, then AMD Athlon X4 840 is worth paying attention to, Today we are talking about him.

AMD Athlon X4 840
The AMD Athlon X4 840 processor is a “stone” created on the Kaveri core. Clocked at 3.1GHz and Turbo clocked at 3.8GHz. The price/performance ratio is very attractive. The processor itself has 4 cores 4 threads, which are able to work hard in games and more.

The processor itself is made in 28 Nm process technology, and has a TDP of 65 watts.

Processor AMD Athlon X4 840 OEM 2399 *

There is nothing to say about the packaging, it is usually a plastic clamshell. Inside lies the processor itself and a sticker.


  1. Mat. pay. – GIGABYTE GA-F2A68HM-S1

2.Processor – AMD Athlon X4 840

3.RAM – Hyper X Fury 8gb + Crucial 8gb (frequency 1600mhz)

4.Video card – MSI GeForce GTX 1050Ti Gaming X 4gb

5.Cooler – be quiet! PURE ROCK Slim

ALL TESTS CARRIED OUT IN HD RESOLUTION (there is no monitor with Full HD resolution)!!!

Witcher 3 24; 37. Beyond; high.
BeamNG Drive 43 High.
Fortnite 91; 33 Low; medium.
gta v 61 High
Cinebench R20 scored 634 points.

Everywhere the processor was loaded at 95-100%.

The processor temperature did not rise above 35 degrees Celsius.

Those. comparison with AMD A4-5300:
AMD Athlon X4 840
AMD A4-5300
Number of cores 4 2
Number of threads 4 2
Process technology 28 nm 32 nm
L1 cache 256 Kb 96 Kb
L2 cache 4 MB 1 MB
Frequency 3.1 MHz 3.4 MHz
turbo boost 3.8 MHz 3.6 MHz
Unlocked multiplier No No
Architecture Kaveri Trinity
Min. RAM frequency 800 MHz 800 MHz
Max. RAM frequency 2133 MHz 1600 MHz
AMD Athlon X4 840 outperforms AMD A4-5300 in terms of cores, threads, process thickness, L1 and L2 cache, Turbo Boost frequency a , max. supported frequency of RAM.

1.Price. 2.Productivity for your money. 3.Number of cores

1.Outdated socket. 2. Performance for its price is good, but for 2020 it is no longer rolling.

If there is no money for a full upgrade, the processor has a small right to live in 2020. BUT! If possible, it is better to “transfer” to AM4 or LGA 1151v2 socket. Because prices for components have increased, then you can pay attention to it (if you have a platform on the Fm2 + socket and the processor burned out, but there is not enough money, then there is no point in “transferring” to the Fm2 + socket). In general, it’s up to you!


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