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Investment banking salary in India for freshers?


Investment Banking is one of the fastest-growing sectors in India due to more knowledge of investment basics. Investing in banking is a prestigious profession in the finance industry with lucrative compensation packages.  

According to reports, the demand for financial services sales agents will rise by 4% by 2029 with a worldwide employment change of 17,400. Investment Banking is now considered one of the highest-paid in the world with professionals earning six-figure. This makes  it an attractive profession for many young aspirants. 

With the emergence of many corporations and institutions, the need for professional financial advisors to handle financial transactions also increases. This is the job of an investment banker and they help price capital, allocate resources, and manage investments. However, the demand and buzz about this profession raise many questions. These include: what is the investment banking salary in India for freshers?

The role of investment bankers

One of the best ways to raise capital successfully is to turn to the services of an investment banker. This is what many companies, financial institutes, and organizations do. Investment bankers are well-trained and professionals at financial institutions. They examine the financial health, capital needs, and goals of companies seeking to raise capital through investment.  

They then recommend a financial strategy to raise the capital. These include selling bonds and stocks, getting loans, and many more. Investment bankers also act largely as a salesperson, creating interest and encouragement for investors to invest.

They also act as a link between financial investors and organizations that want to raise money. An investment banker must be detail-oriented and have the ability to analyze financial data. They must have strong statistical analysis skills to forecast risk, reward, and the best method to secure investment.  

Why do investment bankers receive a high salary? 

Investment bankers earn a high salary by facilitating company takeovers and mergers, resulting in huge compensations in the form of commissions. The profession requires time, intelligence, and hard work. thus, justifying the huge benefits they get in return. The stress, unrelenting working hours, and strict standards they follow to succeed increase their salary. 

Globalization and the lookout for skilled investment bankers by investors also provide job opportunities for them. With the pandemic slowing down, many people in India are now interested in homegrown companies. These have spiked the need for investment bankers in India substantially.  All these factors have made India a favorable hub for investment banking.

The average salary of an investment banker in India.

The average investment banker salary in India is between nine to seventy lakhs per year including shared profits and bonuses. However, it can increase over time depending on expertise and experience in the field. Their demand to help companies raise funds and capital for their projects has made the profession a hot cake. The growing number of investors in India has also made them a sought-after in the Indian financial industry. 

Factors affecting Investment Banking  Salary


One of the most important things to affect an investment banker’s salary is their skills. Your skill directly impacts the money you make in the industry. Therefore, being ahead of your competitors with specific skills get a high-paying job, and provide job security. Some of the most vital skills  India’s investment bankers must possess are Mergers and Acquisitions, Financial Analysis, and Financial Modeling. These skills with a knowledge of Microsoft Excel helps you stay relevant in the market. 

Professional background and experience 

Your professional background and experience are directly proportional to your income. The more your experience, the more your salary. However, your salary can increase exponentially with a few years of experience if you are focused and hardworking. Additionally, freshers often earn less when compared to highly experienced and professional investment bankers. 

According to reports, investment bankers with less than a year’s experience earn between five to seven lakh yearly in India. One to four years of experience earn nine lakh yearly on average. Five to nine years of experience earns twenty lakh every year. While those with more than ten years of experience earns thirty lakhs on average. These indicate the value of experience in the profession.

State and city location

The state and city you are located and work in also determines your earnings. This is because the cost of living in every state and city is different. While states like Maharashtra and cities like  Mumbai are more expensive to live in, Punjab is more affordable. Also, some cities have a higher demand for investment bankers which increases their pay.

The bottom line 

It is thereby proven that the Investment Bankers in India receive higher payments compared to other professions. They are valued for their experience, skills, and dedication. Do you want to partake in long-term investment India? Investment bankers are the right people that can help bring your dreams to reality. 


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