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Important Tips to Follow when Purchasing Belt and Uniform for Karate


As most of the martial arts enthusiasts know, Karate uniform and belt is known to be the most important part of training. While beginning with the Karate students may think that one of the uniform is the same as another, it is no further than the truth. Karategi, or gi for short, has different substances and different weights of substance.

Guess also comes in wide range of colors as depending on the level of the student’s experience and so as the requirements of the teacher. Knowing the different types of karate uniforms can help shoppers to make an informed purchase. Karate students looking for good quality often turn to AWMA, a trusted source for martial arts and boxing products.

Type of substance

Karate uniforms come in two different types of fabric. This includes with a blend of cotton and the poly with 55 percent cotton and with the 45 percent polyester or sometimes 100 percent cotton. Many cotton belt and uniform for karate are light to medium weight and less durable than 100% cotton products.

This material is known to be great for the daily training uniform for all the adults. Most baby-gi is made from a cotton-poly for the easy wearing.

Geese are made from the 100% cotton come in wide range of weights, from the lighter to the heavy one. Because this best material decomposes easily, the involvement of cotton yeast should be washed in the cold water and hence fully air dried.


Because karate involves extremely active movement, the uniforms must be sewn very carefully. Buyers looking for long-lived yeast should look for triple-stitched products. Karate schools often require just beginning students to simply wear a white or even the black Karate belt and gi.

Karate Uniform Mates

Karate students rely on size cards to find a uniform that has the right cut. To begin with, buyers look at a table of sizes for their height and then find the appropriate weight.

Sometimes it is necessary to adjust the uniform to match the student’s weight to reach the correct height. Karate students will find in AWMA lightweight to heavy karate uniforms in various sizes and colors. Brands such as ProForce┬« ensure good quality and comfortable wearing.

Karate belts

Karate straps are designed for double wrapping, which means that the strap is wrapped around the waist twice before tying. The only exception is the pop strap, which closes with Velcro and is wrapped around the waist only once. Parents or the instructors who are looking for children’s belts have found various ProForce┬« belts at AWMA.

Find the correct belt size

Usually the size of the figure will correspond to a uniform size. Sometimes students need a large or small belt. Karate belts range from size 00 to 72 inches up to size 7 to just over 131 inches. To achieve the correct strap size, wrap and measure the part of the waist where the strap is attached with a rope or tape. Read reviews from various brands about Karate gi and belt to help you guarantee high product quality as well as features such as triple stitching.


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