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Ibuypower 9300 Custom Built Gaming Pcs


Enter iBUYPOWER’s custom built gaming computer, the ibuypower mini 9300! Choose from tons of customizations to choose from, or pick a prebuilt gaming desktop! The ibuypower 9300 can be customized to fit your specific needs and budget, whether you’re playing first-person shooters online or recording your gameplay footage on the go, you’ll have the power to do it in high definition and crystal clear quality! You can customize anything from your video card configuration to your operating system (Windows 10 Home included) and other features like processor choices and more!

Customize Your System

Choose a processor, choose your graphics card, pick up a storage solution. The ibuypower mini 9300 Gaming Pcs has tons of ways to customize your system so that it’s right for you. Want more than just one choice? Check out what ibuypower 9400 can offer. You want options? We’ve got ’em!

Start with our custom built gaming desktop from ibuypower: Then choose from our 2 choices of gaming desktops and then build your own dream machine. With choices like i5 6500, GTX 1060 3GB or RX 480 4GB, and either 8GB DDR4 2400MHz or 16GB DDR4 2666MHz; you will have no problem getting going! Now all you need is an operating system and games!

Prebuilt Desktops

If you don’t want to put in a ton of work building your PC, but you still want a custom gaming machine that can give you an edge, there are prebuilt desktops out there just for you. One of our favorites is Alienware’s Aurora line, which provides some customization options (colors and SSD/HDD options), but also comes with quality pre-installed hardware. Another option is iBUYPOWER’s mini 9300 series . All of these prebuilt systems offer great performance with little effort from you—which makes them perfect for more casual gamers.

How We Tested

In order to test for gaming performance, we hooked up three systems to our Alienware X51 test rig and ran through a series of graphics-heavy and graphics-light games. Each system was outfitted with an Intel Core i7 processor, 8GB of RAM, Nvidia GTX Titan GPU, 2TB hard drive and Windows 7 Ultimate Edition 64-bit operating system. The first machine was set up with a pair of 1TB hard drives configured in RAID 0 for SSD caching. The second had one single 1TB 7200RPM drive and the third had two 512GB SSDs in RAID 0 configuration.

Shipping and Packaging

Your custom gaming PC will be professionally packaged and shipped to you by FedEx. Shipping time depends on your chosen component selection and order volume, but we ship all orders within 2 business days of your purchase with tracking number via email. It’s advisable to contact our shipping department at 1-855-846-4487 (7:30AM – 5:00PM PST M-F) in case of any concern regarding shipping times. Most orders are usually delivered within 2–5 business days after shipment via FedEx Ground. For example, if an order is placed on a Monday morning it will be shipped out on Tuesday morning and arrive by Friday afternoon via ground shipping.

The Overclocking Process

It’s called overclocking, but that doesn’t mean it has to break your computer. The process itself is pretty simple, and we’ll explain how to do it below. Just be aware that you are putting extra stress on your hardware with overclocking, so there is a greater chance for something to go wrong. Read on for more info!

How Overclocking Works: Overclocking can work a couple of different ways depending on what you want out of your CPU. Generally speaking, overclockers try to get all four cores in their CPUs working at higher speeds than normal—by pushing them harder than they were designed for by manufacturing. This allows those cores to perform quicker—it’s like giving them steroids—and increases overall processing power.

Benchmarks and Testing Procedures

Before putting your new gaming PC to work, you’ll want to make sure it’s running at full capacity and optimized for top performance. To test your new computer’s capabilities, you can use tools like Speccy from Piriform. This free tool helps you track your computer’s overall performance, as well as offers a useful benchmarking feature that allows you to compare results with other people around the world. When shopping for a gaming desktop, remember that specs are just one piece of a much larger puzzle. The optimal balance between speed and price is not always easy to find, but often comes down to personal preference and what type of games you plan on playing regularly.

Final Thoughts

The iBUYPOWER mini 9300 is quite a piece of gaming machinery. With its clear case, eight expansion slots and well-placed fans, you can see what makes it tick. But there’s more than just an attractive exterior; under that spacious cover are components that make for an incredibly powerful gaming PC. From its AMD FX-8120 3.1 GHz 8-Core processor to its dual NVIDIA GeForce GTX 460 GPUs in SLI, it’s easy to imagine what a video gamer could do with those parts. And don’t forget about all of its storage options — from standard SATA II hard drives and solid state drives to RAID 0 support — there is enough room for virtually any kind of game file that you want to install on your computer system.


Our goal is to make sure you get what’s right for you and your situation. Whether that’s a prebuilt gaming desktop, or a custom-configured machine with parts handpicked by our experts, we work to help ensure you not only end up with a great gaming PC – but that it fits your lifestyle and budget too. We aim to build technology that empowers and lets you do what matters most. And we believe when technology takes care of itself, people can live better lives. That starts with our customers: people like you looking for a top-notch PC experience – whether your passion is eSports, streaming content, playing at LAN events or just kicking back and having fun online with friends. you can get more information on StoreVela. Click here to get more information.


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