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Hygiene products for smartphone. How to properly clean your smartphone


Scientists from the University of Surrey have calculated that 18 times more bacteria accumulate on the phone case than on the handle of a public toilet. Considering that each of us practically does not let go of a mobile phone, smartphone hygiene is becoming more relevant than ever.

Cleaning the screen and camera
The screen is the weakest point of any gadget. No matter how high-quality the oleophobic coating is, after half an hour of active use, traces of fingerprints and small fatty stains appear on the display. You can remove them in several ways.

Microfiber. The fastest and most affordable option is to simply wipe the factory or installed glass. Before the procedure, carefully wipe the napkin so that small particles and sand that can scratch it do not get on the screen. It is recommended that you turn off your phone before starting so that the touch screen does not react to the movement of the microfiber .

Special means. Compounds for removing dirt from monitor screens. In small quantities, you can apply to microfiber, and then wipe the screen. Next, be sure to treat the surface with a dry cloth. Do not spray cleaning liquid on the screen.

Distilled water. In extreme cases, you can apply it on a cloth to remove dried stains and spots. When using any liquid means, the smartphone must be turned off to avoid a short circuit on the interfaces.

All of the above is also true for cleaning the camera. It is recommended to wipe the surface immediately, as soon as you notice a drop in image quality, blur or foreign particles. It is recommended to additionally blow out the moving chamber with air to remove all dust particles from the gaps between the housing and the sliding block.

What is not recommended to use:

Ordinary dust rags, toilet paper, handkerchiefs, jeans. For Gorilla Glass , all this is absolutely safe, since they are able to withstand more than seven falls from a height of one meter. However, friction is the main enemy of the oleophobic coating. The stiffer the material, the faster the grease-repellent nanolayer will wear off.
Kitchen or other towels. They leave behind numerous fibers that will have to be removed again.
Alcohol. There are no studies on the life of the oleophobic coating under the influence of alcohol-containing wipes, but some users report accelerated wear with regular use of pure alcohol.
Case cleaning
If you notice that dirt is gradually accumulating under the case, then it is best to completely remove the phone and clean everything separately. Almost any cover can be easily removed in just one minute.

Top smartphones have a glass back cover and metal side inserts. For cleaning, you can use all the same compositions as for electronics screens. The use of alcohol is also allowed, which is applied to the cotton wool and additionally disinfects the surface.

It is better to clean the plastic case with wet (hygienic) wipes, and only in case of serious contamination, resort to alcohol-containing compounds. Never apply thinner, the liquid may leave dirty marks on low-quality plastic. It is not recommended to use pure alcohol. For example, Nintendo warned on its official Twitter channel that the plastic parts of the Switch may discolor or deform from alcohol disinfection.

Cleaning connectors and speakers
Qualitatively remove dirt from all holes in the phone will help only the specialists of the service center after a complete disassembly of the smartphone. At home, you can resort to several methods.

How right. You will need a special set of brushes for working with mobile equipment and a can of compressed air. To get started, take a brush of a suitable diameter and clean the dust from the hole with smooth movements. The brushes are made of antistatic materials, so they won’t damage the electronic components.

Then carefully blow out the connector from the can. It comes with a special nozzle in the form of a tube, which will help create a directed flow. Repeat brushing until dirt and clumps of clothing fly out of the nest.

“Important! Compressed air canisters actually use propane or butane, so don’t inhale the contents under any circumstances.”

At one’s own risk. Compacted pieces of dust will be impossible to get even with a brush made of hard bristles. The only way is to scrape off the deposits with a sharp object. Remember that in this way you can damage the contacts and ruin the connector. As a sharp object, tweezers are suitable, the tip of which should be wrapped with a small piece of cotton wool.

Cleaning speakers is the hardest part. Absolutely all contamination can be removed only with disassembly of the structure, blowing the mesh through.

At home, a special nylon brush dipped in isopropyl alcohol will help clean the holes. Its villi are thin enough to penetrate small perforations. Clean the holes from the bottom so that liquid does not seep into the internal structure of the phone. It will not be possible to clean out absolutely all the dirt, but most of it will be removed, which will increase the volume of the sound.

We wash covers
Since most of the dirt is taken up by the cover, it is recommended to wash it at least once a week. Means depend on specific models of covers.

Silicone . Make a soap solution and put the cover in it for 20-30 minutes. After that, with a regular toothbrush, wipe off all the dirt. At the end, remove the foam and soap with running water. Alternatively, use toothpaste or nail polish remover without acetone. Marks from felt-tip pens are removed with alcohol.

Plastic . Special sanitary napkins or soap solution with a few drops of alcohol. Apply to a soft cloth. You can also “buy” in the bath, cleaning the dirt with a brush.

Leather (leatherette). Good quality leather care products. Grease stains are perfectly removed by potato starch diluted with water. For skin whitening, mix milk powder and egg white, and then treat the cover with the mixture.

Polyurethane . Cleans effectively with soapy water, lemon juice or 20% alcohol solution. It is forbidden to use compounds with chlorine, acid and hard brushes.

Remember that the mobile phone is one of the main carriers of infections. Users should not only practice hand hygiene, but also disinfect the screen and case after each visit to public places.


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