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How Wide Is A Queen Size Murphy Bed?


The queen-size Murphy bed is one of the most popular sizes available on the market today, and there are many factors that contribute to this popularity. For starters, the Murphy bed with storage space underneath it occupies less space than a traditional bed would in your bedroom, and it’s also easier to make the bed in the morning as well as pull it down when you want to use it at night. However, there are other things you may not know about queen-size murphy beds and how they can benefit you. Let’s take a look at some of those things below!

How wide is a Murphy bed?

Most Murphy beds are designed to be about 6 feet wide, which is about 2 inches wider than an average twin-sized bed. The extra width means you’ll have enough room to sleep comfortably with a partner or even with children who have outgrown their cribs but are still too small for full-sized mattresses. Of course, not all queen-size murphy beds are 6 feet wide some actually measure 7 feet across, and many don’t include headboards and footboards at all. If you’re sharing your bedroom with someone who likes to read before falling asleep, you might find that it’s easier to just purchase two murphy beds instead of trying to fit one large bed into your room.

Why does a Murphy bed not fit in an average size bedroom?

Most people use their bedroom for more than just sleeping. A Murphy bed, or wall bed, is great because it folds away into a closet when not in use, so it has limited space needs. But some people want to maximize every inch of their bedroom – and for them, storing a queen-size murphy bed isn’t an option at all. The only way to know if your bedroom will be big enough for a queen size murphy bed is to measure your room first and figure out how much space you have left over after subtracting the dimensions of your average-sized bed. You’ll need to look at both width and length measurements to determine whether or not you can fit everything in your room and still close your door!

What are the three major sizes of Murphy beds?

In addition to queen-size murphy beds, which come in many different shapes and styles, there are also standard and king-size beds. Standard sizes are typically between 80 and 100 wide, while king-size Murphy beds tend to be between 90 and 120 wide. Some of these units can even be double- or triple-decked if you need additional room in your space. The ability to create custom layouts will ensure that your bed fits perfectly into any existing space, regardless of its dimensions or layout.

What is the average width of a Murphy bed?

If you’re looking to purchase your first queen-size Murphy bed, you’ll be happy to know that it’s wider than most other murphy beds. A typical bed of its size measures about 80 inches wide, which is enough space for two people. It also has an average depth of 32 inches. If you have access to additional wall space behind your couch or chair, you may be able to squeeze in an even larger version with 90-inch width and 34-inch depth. You should, however, check your floor space before purchasing a murphy bed so that there are no major obstacles such as electrical outlets and radiators getting in the way.


How wide are queen-size murphy beds? Although standard twin-size beds don’t take up much room in your bedroom, that still doesn’t mean they can easily be moved or hidden when not in use. If you have limited space, especially in apartments or small bedrooms, a murphy bed maybe your best option. Unfortunately, there isn’t really a standard size for most things and other queen-sized murphy beds aren’t necessarily going to measure as much floor space as ours will. That said, our queen murphy bed comfortably fits inside twin-sized bed frames and therefore offers more than enough room for all of your needs.


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