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How to Overcome these Top 5 Delivery Issues as a Retailer


Running a retail business means you have to think about so many things. If you are not careful, you make mistakes that might be costly. Like with every business, you are bound to experience challenges, and you need to find a solution. Here are the top delivery issues you will encounter as a retailer and how to deal with them.

Customers’ Interchannel Buying Habits

In recent years, it has become apparent that people use different channels while shopping. While shops have gained popularity, some people still prefer going to a physical shop. Businesses struggle to balance between setting up a physical shop or an online store. If you fail to find a balance, you will miss out on potential good clients.

Ensure you find a way to attract walk-in clients and online store shoppers. In doing so, you can make a good profit. You might need to get different teams to handle the sales online and physically. It comes in handy, especially if you are new to one space and want to learn the ropes.

Seamless Transition Between Online and Physical Stores

As a retailer, you might encounter difficulties while trying to ensure your online and physical stores look the same. If you have clients who buy from you physically and online, they will expect to get the same service on both platforms. For instance, you cannot have certain products on the online platform and miss them in the physical store and vice versa.

You might also need to include delivery services for online and physical stores. Getting a courier service that offers last mile delivery solutions will be helpful. They will ensure that your online and physical store clients are taken care of. Having similar services will make your clients trust you not to be biased regarding service and quality delivery. It also ensures you have loyal clients on each platform you choose.

Providing the Best Customer Experience

In an era where there are similar businesses, you need to find something that will make you and your business stand out. Your packaging or discounts are what will make clients shop at your business. Ensure you find a way to stand out from the competition. Many people think that business is all about stocking on goods when there is way more to it than just that. Do your research and find out what would make your business unique. That is what you will use as your selling point, and it will make you stay ahead in the game at all times.

Poor Shipping Options

One of the things your clients will notice when ordering from you is how fast they get their products. If you have delays in your service, then there is a huge chance you will lose clients. When you start running a business, you will notice that there are always delays that you cannot control. 

The best way to go about this is to under-promise and overdeliver. For instance, you should not inform your clients that it takes a day to deliver their orders. You might keep them waiting, and any delays will be met with bad reviews. Instead, let them know that deliveries take at least three days. That way, in case of any delays, you can sort them out and still deliver the products in good time.

Delivery Costs

Something else that can be very off-putting is the high shipping cost. While people expect to pay some amount when shipping their products, they will drop their order if the delivery cost is too high. You need to find a way to ensure that your delivery costs are as low as possible. 

Find a courier service company that can give you better rates so that your clients do not have to pay outrageous amounts for shipping their products. You can also choose to set up shops around your clients’ areas, so you do not ship across long distances.

Final Thoughts

Running a business entails having to think about different aspects of your business. One of the things you need to look at is the delivery issues. Take your time and research the different delivery methods before starting your business. It will help you put things into perspective and ensure that you have a steady flow of clients because they trust your services.


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