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How To Outsource A Mobile App Development Team For Your App


Your team’s professionalism and coordination determine the project’s integrity and quality. Because developers will be working in a group, it is crucial to consider their hard and soft abilities. This article will help you locate and employ the right professional. Also, which experts should be preferred.

What Is An Offshore Team?

An Offshore team is a team outsourced from foreign nations. The workload of international enterprises falls on foreign companies and/or teams. It might be a whole development cycle, a fraction of it, or even post-release support.

Budget constraints are usually the cause, as certain nations provide the most value for money.

This is true for Eastern Europe. Poland, Bulgaria, Romania, India, and China.

Why Hire an Offshore Mobile Development Team?

It offers various advantages over traditional outsourcing. This is true for any size firm that wants a great product at a fair price. Consider the benefits of this development model.

1. Low cost – Offshore development can be 2–3 times cheaper than in-country development. 

2. Lower operational expenses – You don’t need to set up a workspace or acquire equipment. 

3. Save time – While the offshore business develops the software, you may focus on the product’s design and marketing to ensure a successful launch.

4. Compensation for lack of competence – You can pick a firm with a good stack and cutting-edge tech.

5. Less risk – With an offshore crew, you may apply a specific development technique to document everything.

The Collaboration Models – How to outsource a app development team

There are several client-contractor collaboration models. Consider two popular ones: outsourcing and outstaffing.

Outsourcing Mobile Apps

A third-party contractor is hired to produce goods and services in numerous sectors.

The key to success in this scenario is strategic preparation and mutual trust. Communication optimization improves job efficiency and customer happiness.

To communicate effectively, it is critical to be in the same time zone. Remember that small teams are generally more effective than big teams since they are easier to manage.

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Outstaffing is the “hiring” of a professional from another organization to work for the customer. At the same time, he is part of the client’s team, and his work is overseen by management. The specialist gets paid by the contractor’s contract with the firm.

Choosing an out staff might be for numerous reasons, such as firm expansion when the hiring quota for new personnel is exceeded. An employee may also be assigned a project.

Where To Find Mobile App Creators

Finding a developer might be difficult due to the abundance of possibilities. Consider the primary sources for finding a professional.

1. Freelancer

It is inexpensive in many respects but only ideal for little chores. Finding a full-stack freelance developer is complex and unpredictable. But you may assign jobs to numerous freelancers. You will also be a project manager, supervising all staff.

Many services, such as Upwork, provide specialized profiles with stacks and portfolios.

2. Internal or distant team

You can engage a development team to work on urgent assignments. You may also look for LinkedIn, Stack Overflow, and GitHub workers.

3. Outsourcing firms and firms

To do so, keep an eye on sites like Listing Tech, which compiles top mobile app development businesses. For instance, check out some companies for app development Manchester has to offer. This is the preferred method of working with developers.

Tips For Hiring an Offshore Mobile Development Team

Hiring and cooperating with an offshore developer involves many fundamental processes.

  • Writing a thorough job description: This includes the functionality and technological stack.
  • Examine a developer’s or outsourcing company’s portfolio on Clutch or LinkedIn. You can engage technical experts to assess the developer’s skills.
  • Constantly verify code access: this may be included in the collaboration agreement as a requirement, or you can designate yourself a lover or administrator of all accounts on Github, TFS, clouds, and other working platforms.
  • Describe the active process: Scrum, Agile — all of this determines the customer-contractor relationship. You may also note down the project’s NDA clauses during the interview.
  • Make sure you understand the contracts: ask questions about the fine print to ensure the contractor has read the agreement thoroughly.
  • Find a solid project management application, such as Slack, Jira, Trello, etc. This way, you’ll always know where you stand.
  • Proactivity is good: express your ideas openly to the PM for team debate, but don’t forget to seek expert advice.
  • Insist on frequent deployment: conclude each sprint with an MVP and detailed shadow documentation.

Testing Mobile App Developers

First, you must comprehend how a person may communicate. To do so, just interview a professional recruiter who will assess the candidate’s ability to collaborate and share values.

Then determine the technology stack’s appropriateness for your project. A team lead or tech lead shadow expert can help you. In addition to theory, circumstances and tasks from actual or hypothetical scenarios must be simulated. Pay attention to situations where the understanding of the professional is lacking yet seeks answers. You may also inquire about the developer’s portfolio features.

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