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How to Nail the Extended Essay in IB School in Dubai?


Many parents remain skeptical about whether their child’s extended essay will be accepted or not. It is a mandatory requirement that students must face during the IB Diploma Programme for those who don’t know what an extended essay is.

The students are required to compose a thesis after conducting extensive research on their chosen topic. The extended essay is a mini-thesis that the student will write under the supervision of a mentor. The mentor or the advisor will be a teacher from your IB school in Dubai.

This was an extended essay in a nutshell. However, writing the best-extended essay is not an easy task, as you need to focus on several things and remember quite a few items to get the best results. Hence, today we have drafted this article to help you understand everything you should know about how to nail the extended essay as a parent.

What is an extended essay in IB school in Dubai?

One of the most pivotal components of getting the IB Diploma is completing the extended essay. Every student must complete the extended essay irrespective of the course they take.

The main aim is to teach the students how to start their research and showcase their understanding beyond the workings of a classroom. The easy will have around 4000 words, and it should be concluded with a vice versa. The entire essay should be finished within a year.

Students start drafting their essays by starting their second term in their first year of the Diploma program. The students will meet regularly with their advisors from IB school in Dubai and work on the essay. The advisors will guide them in drafting the essay.

Once the students have drafted the essay, they must submit it to their supervisor for feedback, and the second draft will be the final draft.

How will you select the topic for the essay?

For some students, finding their topic is very easy, while for some, it becomes difficult. No matter the condition, your child would benefit if they know the points mentioned below, which will help them find the topic for the essay.

●      Ask your kid to select a topic that they find fascinating.

●      The topic they choose should have enough resources and materials to draft a 4000-word essay.

●      Although the topic was chosen should not be too narrow (in which case you will not have enough materials) nor too broad (in this case, it would not fit in a 4000-word essay).

Tips from teachers of good schools in Dubai on nailing the extended essay

Today we have jotted down some points backed by some of the best teachers from good schools in Dubai. These advanced points will polish your essay and help you raise your grades from a B to A.

1- Keep on editing the work

This should not come as a surprise because no good essay was drafted on the first go. It comes with countless edits and credits, which ensures your essay would be more precise, to the point, and better than people who have done a few edits.

While editing, read each word carefully and find grammatical and spelling mistakes. If you could explain a point in shorter sentences, then do that. Cut short your introduction, and look at whether you’ve sourced everything. You must even properly source a quote. Just keep editing.

2- Read essays better than yours

Your child would never learn by always being the smartest person in a room. So ask them to go through several essays apart from their own.

Essays from previous years are great for references. You would be a fool not to avail of the past year’s essays. These past year’s essays are a great resource.

3- Learn from real academic works

Teach your child all the glory and magic of Google Scholar. Scholar has several research works from different candidates of different universities. It gives you a more diverse approach to your essay.

Download one of the essays related to your topic, take a printout of the copy, open Wikipedia, Dictionary, and Google while figuring out the article’s essence. This research is important because you can also quote something from it in your essay to make it look more interesting.

4- Doubt your sources till the very end

You have now drafted the entire essay with the best sources you could find on the internet. Now comes the major part. Instead of being lazy, you should doubt your essay.

Sounds controversial? It’s not!

Some parents might take this point the wrong way, but doubting your essay shows you know how to improve the next time, reflecting greatly on enhanced academic performance. Don’t let your child be like the weaker students who do not make an effort.

Key takeaways

Let your child learn from the best at Global Indian International School, one of the good schools in Dubai following the IB curriculum.


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