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How to make a TV remote control from a smartphone


The TV remote control is the main link in the chain between the TV and the viewer. But this little intermediary is not always convenient to use or completely serviceable. This is where smartphones come to the rescue.

How to connect smartphone to TV
Imagine a situation where you want to watch your favorite series, but the remote control has disappeared somewhere again. How without it, without making unnecessary gestures, turn up the volume, add contrast to the picture, or just change the channel? For these purposes, a special application on the phone will come in handy, which in terms of functionality will be able to compete with a real remote control.

To make a virtual remote control, you will need a TV with Smart TV function and a smartphone on any OS. You need to install a special mobile application on your smartphone that will allow you to connect to TV. A bunch of “smartphone-TV” works on a wireless Wi-Fi connection. It is important that both your devices are on the same home network.

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The first time you launch the mobile application, you will be asked to select a TV, after which a special code will be displayed on the TV screen, which must be entered on the smartphone. Pairing took place. In most cases, this completes the connection setup and you can proceed to use the remote control.

In addition to the standard set of functions (changing channels and adjusting the volume), most applications allow you to do more interesting manipulations. For example, launch programs preinstalled on the TV, manage its settings and broadcast content on the big screen that will be on your smartphone.

Official Apps
If you own a TV from a major brand, finding a TV companion app is easy. To do this, on your smartphone, you need to go to the application store (Play Market for Android, AppStore for the apple platform) and type your TV brand in the search.

All major brands have official apps for both mobile platforms that are well-optimized, have minimal set-up issues, and do a great job. For example, LG offers LG TV Plus , and Samsung offers Samsung Smart View. Xiaomi TVs also have a great companion Mi Smart Remote . The functionality of these programs is almost identical, only their visual design differs.

LG TV Plus

Samsung Smart View

Universal Soldier
If there is no official application for your TV, there are many third-party programs. All of them act as universal remotes.

To choose an interesting option for yourself, you need to type the query “TV remote control” through the search bar of your application store. The choice of applications is impressive.

There are programs that are suitable for a large number of brands, and there are unofficial applications for popular TV brands – Sharp, Toshiba, Phillips .

Selecting applications on the example of the Play Market

Of all the variety, I would like to single out Universal Remote Control , this application is successfully “friends” with most TVs. The peculiarity of the application is that it connects devices not only via Wi-Fi, but also via infrared. So it will work with old TV models, set-top boxes and other equipment with an infrared port.

Another good remote option is the Mi Smart Remote app mentioned above . In addition to working with Xiaomi TVs, it can also function with other models. The manufacturer claims compatibility with TV brands such as Samsung, LG, Sharp, Panasonic, Haier, Sony and others. Communication via infrared and Wi-Fi networks is supported.

Mi Smart Remote

For users whose TV has an IR sensor, and a smartphone has an infrared port, we can recommend the ZaZa Remote application . The minimalistic interface, coupled with the wide range of features of the program, will surely interest many. The application database contains over 3000 control codes from different TVs, so the coverage of supported TVs is quite large.

ZaZa Remote

Magic outside of Hogwarts
Consider how to set up TV control from a smartphone using an LG TV as an example. In this case, the smartphone is running Android.

Download the LG TV Plus application from the Play Market and proceed with the setup.

We turn on the TV and launch the application on the phone, which will immediately prompt you to select the desired TV. Select your model from the list. A special code is displayed on the TV screen, which we enter in the application. If everything is correct, then a message will be displayed on the smartphone screen that the connection was successfully established. This is where the basic connection setup ends.

After pairing, you will see the standard LG remote interface in front of you – number buttons, volume rockers, a separate teletext block at the bottom, etc. The official LG TV Plus application also has a full-fledged trackpad in its arsenal, it includes the upper right tab in the application . With it, it is very convenient to control the cursor on the TV screen, scroll through channels and videos on YouTube, surf the Internet in the browser. From the side menu, you can get to the application settings, as well as start playing content on your TV from your phone.

LG TV Plus also allows you to run programs installed on the TV, update the TV firmware, and turn it on and off.

What’s in the dry matter
The viewer does not live by the remote control alone. Mobile applications for TV are a convenient, functional and in some way budget solution for those people who are not ready to bother, but want to get the most out of their TV.




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