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How to install applications on Honor smartphones


Announced at the end of 2019, the View 30 and View 30 Pro became the first smartphones of the Honor brand to completely lose support for Google services. Users, of course, can install the services themselves, but the problem with unofficial methods is that they lose their relevance over time, and are more difficult to install. Fortunately, other software has replaced it, and let’s start with the installation method recommended by Huawei.

First of all, you should pay attention to the AppGallery app store pre-installed on Honor and Huawei smartphones , which is actively promoted by the Chinese manufacturer. The functionality of the store allows you to install and remove applications and games as simply as possible, as well as automatically update them.

In terms of the amount of software, the store is not as rich as Google Play, and in addition to services from Google, at the time of this writing, there were no, for example, Avito and Gett applications or games: PUBG, Gods of Boom, Minecraft and others. Some software is presented in the form of download links through the browser, but there are all prerequisites that the AppGallery will be replenished. In particular, just recently Telegram became available for download , and also from the well-known software there has long been VKontakte , Viber , State Services , Sberbank Online , Dodo Pizza , World of Tanks: Blitz, applications of telecom operators, navigators, browsers and much more. A replacement for Google Pay for paying for goods via NFC can be Wallet or Yandex.Money applications .

Another problem is that some applications and games require installed Google Play services to work, without which they will either have limited functionality or become annoying with messages about their absence, which, however, can be ignored.

AppGo application
Software called AppGo is available for installation, including from the AppGallery store, and is a collection of links for downloading applications and games from other stores (AppGallery, ApkPure, Apkmonk, APK center, etc.). Depending on the source, clicking on the install button leads either to a transition to another store or to a browser from where the software is already downloaded.

There is a search by the name of the software, and this is where the functionality of AppGo ends.

APK Pure App Store
During the sanctions imposed on Huawei, among users of Honor smartphones, one of the most popular options for downloading applications was the APKPure store , the range of which is sometimes even a little richer than on Google Play. Although some games, including the popular Gods of Boom, are missing from APKPure for some reason.

The peculiarity of the store is that even modified user versions of software appear in it, which are usually available for download only on specialized forums.

Until recently, you could even download the version of Youtube that works on all Honor smartphones without linking to Google, but currently only the official version is available in the store.

Through the application search, you can even find all Google services, but they will not work on Huawei and Honor smartphones, although this does not apply to the Gboard or Google Chrome applications that are in APKPure and are not in AppGallery.

The main features that every app store needs in APKPure are automatic installation of APK files and automatic updates. There is also the ability to remove software, but from a separate menu.

Aurora Store or Google Play Clone
Users who are used to the interface of the Google Play store and do not want to part with it have the opportunity to install Aurora Store , which copies Google’s store quite well. Since we are talking about a “clone”, the Aurora Store, which can be downloaded on the official website of the developer, is also in no way inferior to the more well-known counterpart in terms of the number of applications.

There are no difficulties with installing, removing and updating software, the search for applications works fine.

At the first launch, it even prompts you to enter a Google account, but a message is displayed stating that it can be blocked by an American company. Therefore, it is better to use either an unnecessary account, or you should limit yourself to anonymous mode, in which downloading of absolutely all applications is also available.

APKMirror and APKCombo sites
Even with the variety of existing app stores, some users prefer to download software from a browser. Some of the most popular sites where you can find many apps and games are and .

Their advantages are that the installation of the store is not required – everything is immediately downloaded from the browser by clicking on the links. The main disadvantages of such solutions are that the user will have to update the software manually, and to check for updates, they will have to look at the current version numbers if the applications themselves do not notify about the appearance of new versions.

APK Installer application
Software APK Installer is a kind of file manager that detects and installs APK files previously downloaded through a browser or from a computer to which a smartphone is connected.

After launching the application, you need to click on the tile called Install APKs. A list of all APK files on the device will appear. Files signed as Not Installed will need to be installed via the green Install button in the lower right corner. Also, the functionality allows you to remove previously installed applications.

Transferring software from one smartphone to another using Phone Clone
Phone Clone software is designed to transfer various data, including applications and games, to Huawei and Honor smartphones. Moreover, data can be copied not only from devices of a Chinese manufacturer, but also from any other Android smartphones.

The principle of Phone Clone is very simple – the application runs on two smartphones. The device to which you plan to copy data should be marked as new, and the smartphone from which information is copied should be marked as old. The “new” smartphone creates a Wi-Fi access point, to which the “old” device automatically connects, due to which data is transferred. If one of the smartphones does not belong to Huawei or Honor models, then it will automatically be identified as “old”.—smart-approaches-to-prepare-for-exam?t=1644579692827


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