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How to Easily Pass the JEE Entrance Exam


Start with the NCERT

NCERT books serve as the foundation for the JEE entrance exams, particularly the JEE Main. Many students make the mistake of starting with reference books first, even if their concepts and theoretical understanding are weak.

NCERT books will provide you with a solid understanding of ideas and are hence the perfect place to begin your preparation. It is also worth remembering that NCERT books account for 60-70 percent of the JEE Main exam. They are, nevertheless, insufficient for practical concerns.

Solve with the Multiple Solution Technique

When answering questions from a certain chapter, don’t try to answer 100 questions for each topic; instead, try answering a single question in numerous ways. As an example: Coordinate geometry may be used to solve calculus issues, and vector calculus can be used to answer any complex number problem.

In order to prepare for jee main 2022, this will assist you in learning alternate approaches to an issue. There will be occasions throughout the actual paper when you will be unable to solve a question using your favored strategy. Knowing different approaches to a problem will assist you to arrive at a solution even if another technique is necessary.

Revise Wisely

Students either revise excessively or do not revise at all. Once you’ve finished a chapter, thoroughly review it, but don’t spend more than 2-3 hours on it. Instead, supplement your revision by answering practice questions on the topic from reference books. This can help you comprehend the things you’ve just learned more quickly.

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Manage your Time Efficiently

No matter how hard you work or how many papers you complete, if you do not manage your time correctly, you will never be able to finish and practice on time. You may use time management tools to keep track of how much time you devote to each chapter, revision, and practice.

Choose the Right Reference Books

After you’ve finished your NCERT books, go on to reference books. These books address subjects ranging from the fundamentals to sophisticated application-based problems. Reference books will substantially assist you in gaining an understanding of subjects through practice. These are particularly created for JEE preparation by the market’s best professionals for jee main chemistry, physics, and maths.

Have an Inquisitive Mind

Questioning notions can help you broaden your comprehension and, as a result, solve a variety of twisted issues based on the same premise. You will never be able to solve difficulties if you are merely memorizing notions.

Whenever you are working on a paper, attempt to assess the issues or chapters that you are having difficulty with and the parts that you are quickly able to address. Following the first mock test, you will get a list of your strong points as well as the issues that need further focus. Use these insights to focus on the areas where you are lacking, and you will see that you are improving with each mock exam.

Also, while working on the paper, devise a clever strategy. 50 percent of the questions in the paper are easy to answer, so start there. Never attempt the paper in order, and avoid the questions that you struggled with in your practice papers.

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