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How to cook lunch or breakfast in 10 minutes


Even the most avid gourmet sometimes does not have time for culinary delights. Is it possible to create a complete lunch or a delicious breakfast in just 10 minutes? With kitchen appliances – you can! And no, in this article we will not cook dumplings.

Toaster: from a quick breakfast to a romantic dinner
Let’s start with the classics of American cinema. A cheerful “ding” and a couple of toasted, ruddy slices of bread jump out of the hot appliance. The toaster has long been strongly associated with a quick breakfast. Of course, you can use a regular frying pan instead, or even bake bread in the oven. But all this is much longer, besides, you will have to be in the kitchen all the time and follow the process. With a toaster, morning cooking is many times faster: turn on the kettle for coffee – 2 seconds, put bread in the toaster and press the button – five seconds. While you are washing, everything will be ready in 3-5 minutes. A couple more strokes to add your favorite toppings – and a hot, hearty breakfast is ready.

But the toaster is not only about breakfast. Crispy fried slices of bread can become the basis for hot sandwiches, snacks for a light romantic dinner or gatherings with friends. The main thing is not to be afraid to experiment with fillings. It may not be the healthiest food, but it’s certainly quick and will help out when there is no time to stand at the stove for a long time.

Chopper: from cutlets to smoothies

Many dishes do not take so long to cook directly on the stove, as pre-preparation of products is troublesome. For example, fry cutlets – 10 minutes, but grate onions for them, chop meat, mix everything – it takes a lot of time and dirty dishes. One chopper can save a lot of time in the kitchen. It is enough just to leave the ingredients in the bowl and turn on the button. Depending on the power, some devices can only handle soft or chopped vegetables, while others are able to grind meat into minced meat. If you need a more “omnivorous” device, choose a chopper with a power of 400 W or more.

With a chopper, there are a lot of options for quick meals – it’s not just ground meat. Hot or cold puree soups, fruit mousses, smoothies, cocktails. All this can be both a healthy breakfast and a light independent dinner or a nutritious snack.

Blender or food processor: salad in a minute
The chopper is found as an independent device, and in the complete set of blenders. And if you have already decided to purchase a blender and want to cook everything super-quickly, it is better to look for the most functional model with attachments for slicing, shredding and grater.

The blender will be able to make purees, mousses, soufflés, smoothies, cocktails, whip, chop. For example, with a mixer nozzle, you can literally knead the dough for a pie in just 5 minutes, a chopper or a shredder / grater attachment – prepare the filling. A couple more minutes to load everything into the mold and send it to the oven.

But there are not so many blenders with the functionality of a grater and shredder on sale, but food processors or kitchen machines are initially devices with a bunch of options. In them you can find cutting into cubes, sticks, chopping, whipping, shredding, grater, puree press. With a combine, cooking is much faster. In a matter of time, prepare salads for a feast even for a very large company, finely chop potatoes for frying or baking, grate something, grind minced meat and much more.

Multicooker: turned on and forgot
The slow cooker will cook food not that quickly, but your participation will be required at a minimum. The slow cooker is great because you just throw the ingredients into it, press the button, and then it does everything by itself. You do not need to constantly check the dish, stir, turn something over, open and close the lid. Nothing at all – just wait, minding your own business. The very same cooking speed depends on the recipe. Therefore, if you want to minimally bother with cooking and do everything very quickly, choose models with as many automatic recipes as possible.

Microwave: dumplings in 8 minutes
The recipe for a cupcake in a mug in five minutes is still the star of all culinary publics and channels. And they cook it in the microwave. Not exactly a full meal, but as a dessert it will do. In the microwave – even the simplest in terms of functionality – you can do anything. From full-fledged potatoes with meat to dumplings, baked potatoes in a bag, scrambled eggs, casseroles or hot sandwiches with melted cheese. The microwave oven has several great advantages. Firstly, she cooks really quickly: the same dumplings will be ready in 8-10 minutes. And, secondly, if you cook only for yourself, you can load the dish immediately in the dishes from which you will eat. Thus, you will not only reduce the time spent on cooking, but also do not have to wash extra dishes.

There are advanced microwaves with automatic cooking recipes, and then the range of possibilities is much wider. In each recipe, power and time are automatically selected, optimal for certain products. And again, you don’t have to keep track of anything. They left the ingredients in the bowl, put them in the microwave, turned them on and forgot.


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