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How to Connect Speakers to Xbox One


Set-top box users most often use the standard audio output through the TV. But what if you are the owner of an advanced home theater or acoustics connected through an amplifier? There are no familiar 3.5 mm audio jacks on the Xbox case.

Despite this, there are a lot of options for connecting acoustics. In the material, we will get acquainted with all the possible ways to connect speakers to the Xbox from the most obvious to the most unusual.

HDMI – one interface for video and audio
Connecting a set-top box via HDMI is currently standard. In this case, sound is output from the built-in speakers of the TV or monitor.

The advantages of this option are ease of connection, no additional costs, minimum wires. The disadvantage is the lack of the ability to influence the configuration of the audio system. The mediocre sound of TV speakers will not be able to engage in the gameplay.

The HDMI interface, starting from the first version, has support for multi-channel audio. To realize its full potential, you need to add an AV receiver (multi-channel amplifier with digital audio stream decoders) and speakers.

The sequence of connecting components and setting up the Xbox:

The HDMI cable from the console is connected to the receiver’s HDMI connector. Such devices, even the entry-level class, have several ports on board. For the set-top box, select the port marked “HDMI IN ”Game””.
We connect the HDMI cable from the TV to the receiver’s HDMI connector marked OUT. In the case of several outputs, it is preferable to choose with the inscription ARC. This will provide additional functionality to the system: the receiver will automatically turn on when the TV is turned on, and only the TV remote control is required to adjust the volume.
Acoustics is connected to special connectors of the receiver (Speakers).
In the console settings, go to the section System -> Settings -> General -> Volume and audio output
Change the default setting (Stereo Uncompressed) to 5.1 or 7.1 depending on the operating mode of the receiver you are using.

In the case of the original Xbox One, any AV receiver will do; for the One S and One X, you should choose a model with an HDMI version of at least 2.0 (for playing HDR content).
Connecting cable Philips HDMI – HDMI, 1.5 m
The HDMI version should be checked with the receiver manufacturer’s support before purchasing. Often the marking is present on the device itself.

Fiber optic sound transmission
All current Xbox models have an optical output (Toslink) on board. It allows you to transmit up to six separate audio channels.

After connecting the components, it is necessary to tune the set-top box. For this:

In the console settings, go to the section System -> Settings -> General -> Volume and audio output.
In the “Optical audio” section, set the parameters suitable for the sound system (Dolby Digital or DTS Digital Surround, depending on which standard the equipment works with).

With this connection, the set-top box will fit into the home theater system without any problems. Do not forget that not all amplifiers are equipped with an optical input. On the case, it is marked Optical IN.

Is there life with Mini Jack?
The previous methods use a digital audio signal, which has become more and more common in recent times. But how to connect speakers equipped with the usual Mini Jack?

There are enough options in this case. For example, on the case of most monitors without built-in speakers, you can find a 3.5 mm jack. It allows you to connect external acoustics up to systems with two front speakers and a low-frequency channel (2.1).

In addition, the speakers can be connected to the gamepad. The third revision of the Microsoft Xbox One Controller is equipped with a Mini Jack input. If you own older models, you will need to purchase the Microsoft Stereo Headset Adapter (6JV-00011). But at the moment it is not easy to find it for sale.

Connecting speakers to a joystick has an obvious drawback: the wire will tie you to one place and become an annoying factor during gameplay. It is recommended to use this method only in case of emergency or as a temporary solution.

How to connect a soundbar
Soundbars are now an integral part of many living rooms. During the purchase, the question often arises of how to integrate it into a system consisting of a TV and a game console.

Any soundbar can be made to work with the Xbox, and the method depends on the situation. For example, even the most budgetary modern model has an optical output on the case.

More expensive soundbars are not complete without HDMI ports. To connect the set-top box, versions with two interfaces marked “HDMI IN”, “HDMI OUT” are suitable.

In this case, we have an end-to-end connection method:

The HDMI cable from the console is connected to the HDMI connector (marked IN) of the soundbar.
Connect the HDMI cable from the TV to the soundbar’s HDMI connector labeled OUT.

In the early or most budget soundbars, only a 3.5 mm jack or a composite cable (3 tulips) can be on the case. In this case, the set-top box and the soundbar are connected to the TV in parallel.

In conclusion, we present the advantages and disadvantages of each method in the form of a table:


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