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How to Choose the Right Box Printing Method for Electronics Packaging?


Sustainability has become an important topic that no brand should overlook. Electronic products are scrutinized over how they are produced and packaged. Box printing on eco-friendly boxes is a safe and powerful way to enhance brand visibility.

Even though ‘saving the planet’ campaigns have been around for some time now, it is in the last 12 months that the drive has gathered unprecedented pace. The urgency has prompted governments to impose restrictions on corporate activities and packaging is a big part of this.

Customers too are more aware now than they were a few years back. Reusable boxes have become a necessary part of customer retention. So much so that not only alternative packaging is being snubbed by buyers but they go on to attach unfavorable vibes to the brands who don’t participate in the eco-friendly drives.

What can electronic businesses do?

The big task is to use sustainable boxes that are noticed by customers. Sometimes, a lot of positive brand aspects are not visible to consumers and it drains a lot of business efforts.

There are certain things that can be done to make favorable brand efforts more prominent and assist in using clean electronics packaging boxes.

  1. Strong messaging

What do customers take away from branded packaging? It is the branding essence that the boxes depict. This is the prime reason that custom electronics boxes are increasingly being used for marketing.

Customers normally perceive the brands as they seem; sturdy boxes with strong features instantly convince customers of the brand’s worth. If the brand wishes to radiate commitment towards achieving more sustainable goals, then the boxes must say it loud and clear with visible fonts and colors.

  • State facts

Many customers are not well versed with the many packaging facets that make them eco-compliant. They rely on the boxes to educate them about how the brand is keeping up with sustainability.

It helps to print the boxes with different ways the buyers can reuse and recycle the boxes. This promotes positive brand ethics and gives customers a satisfactory shopping experience. Another effective procedure is by defining how the boxes are made including the box materials and other production techniques.

  • Use more paper-based box features

Certain electronic items are heavy. Their boxes need extra handles and locks. Using cardboard handles or cutting spots within the boxes is a sustainable way to improve customer convenience. The custom inserts are also obtainable in foam or paper materials. This way the product components can be packaged in one box and can be protected more strongly.

Moreover, the welcome notes can be either printed on paper or on the inner box flaps. Either way, customers would be better convinced of the committed brand ethics towards preserving the environment.

Does it really matter?

Recent customer polls have been more than obvious about customers’ preferring eco-friendly custom box printing. Almost 55% of customers in the U.S. consider plastic as unsustainable packaging and avoid it as much as possible. Secondly, more than half of these customers take sustainability very seriously.

Moreover, the recent Covid-19 surge has prompted customers’ concern about packaging safety and hygiene. They are also ready to pay more for recyclable boxes.

All these and more facts have indicated the importance of using clean electronics packaging in promoting the brand image. Customers love to see their shopping providing more than just the basic value.

box printing

But customer satisfaction is not the only benefit arising from picking sustainable packaging boxes. There is more to it as stated below:

  • Keeping with the set limits

Did you know that cardboard and corrugated paper is far more affordable than other packaging materials? They are also available all year round which makes the boxes obtainable at short notices too.

This helps brands to keep a low box stock and invest in improving the products. Lower packaging costs improve profitability and maintain healthy bottom lines.

  • Regulate the boxes with customer demands

Most reusable materials are flexible and compatible with numerous printing techniques and inks. Custom printed shipping boxes are created to reflect the current customer tastes, providing memorable unboxing experiences.

Custom printing elements align the box appeal with changing customer dynamics. Print enhancing effects like laminations, coatings, embossing, etc., improve the shelf life of the boxes by protecting them against several adversities.

  • Uplift the brand image

On top of fulfilling customer expectations regarding sustainable packaging, these boxes also enhance the brand image. They can be customized using varied colors, fonts, designs, patterns, graphics, and textures, among other box features.

Customers are sure to notice such electronics packaging at retail racks and get impressed with them if they are shipped directly to their locations. The brand logo and name are seen by many passing-by customers which spreads brand recognition rapidly.

  • Reduce the marketing expenditure

When the boxes are used for brand promotions, it lowers the burden on other marketing tools. Interactive boxes can generate higher customer interest and expand knowledge about the brand.

Custom printing features like stating the brand’s website and online handles encourages customers to probe deeply about the business and compel others to do the same too. Many popular global brands rely less on digital marketing and more on their boxes to radiate branding.

For instance, Amazon is mostly known for its signature brand logo and illustrations. People recognize these from a distance. 

When should you begin?

Now that you know how significant the boxes are in generating positive customer feedback, you must start using them now!

Ensure that you know your electronic products well to craft suitable boxes for them. Taking careful measurements means protective box dimensions and shapes. And stating the handling instructions ensures that the shipment reaches customers in functional forms. All these box qualities are achievable with creative box printing that is an indispensable part of popularizing clean electronics packaging.


There is no doubt that eco-friendly boxes are the right way to go for brand marketing and obtaining a plethora of other benefits as explained in this article.  

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