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How to Choose Diamond Stud Earrings?


Stud Earrings, or as we used to say, stud earrings, are one of the most sought-after accessories for women. In shape, they resemble carnations, pass through the earlobe, and are fixed at the back with an invisible clasp. Earrings look simple and at the same time stylish, elegant.

Gold studs with diamonds are a classic that will never go out of style. This elegant and versatile jewelry will suit every woman. 

Diamonds have always been considered evening stones, it was recommended to wear them on special, solemn occasions. Therefore, expensive accessories often wait in the wings for a long time in the caskets of hostesses – after all, we do not celebrate any events every day.

What are Diamond Stud Earrings?

The Stud Earrings model has changed the idea of ​​when it is appropriate to wear sparkling jewelry: modest, elegant, but at the same time, luxurious diamond earrings can now be worn daily. 

Jewelers have created incomparable models that have won the recognition of women. New items are good because they are great for everyday wear and festive occasions. This model has another advantage – prices: the cost of jewelry is an order of magnitude lower than that of massive earrings with a complex design.

Stud Earrings with Diamonds for Little Princesses!

Our young princesses are very fond of diamonds! For such girls, the Gemistone Jewelers online store offers to buy stud diamond earrings, in which she will become a dazzling little star! The catalog contains a large selection of women’s earrings with stones of stunning beauty. Of course, prices for gold earrings with diamonds are always slightly higher than for jewelry with other precious stones. 

But trust me, they are worth it! After all, the greatest treasure is your little beauty, and gold earrings with diamonds will become a worthy “frame” for this treasure! Diamond earrings, presented in our online store, are made of high quality gold and silver with the skillful decoration of precious stones.

If you want to buy diamond solitaire stud earrings to emphasize the charm of your little beauty, then you are right. Gold stud earrings with small diamonds look very elegant. They will perfectly complement the festive attire and will become a highlight in the everyday look. In the catalog, you can choose diamond stud earring for women

Their prices will pleasantly surprise you. We offer manufacturer prices, as we supply jewelry directly from leading manufacturers. You can buy stud earrings with diamonds directly on the site by putting the selected items in the catalog. It will not be difficult for you to choose and buy gold stud earrings with diamonds in any design and style.

How to Pick a Diamond Stud Earrings Design?

Step #1: Choosing a Design

Preference was given to the classic design of the studs without additional small diamonds. Models of studs with 4 prongs were chosen for a reliable setting of valuable brilliant or round diamonds. 

In addition, such a setting visually increases the size of the diamonds. Smoothly shaped push back clasps and axes are hidden behind them allowing you to comfortably and safely wear diamond studs.

Step #2: Choosing Paired Diamonds for the Studs

White gold metal has a cold tone, so diamonds that do not have a warm yellow tint are suitable for it. Select our Solitaire diamond solitaire earrings, a pair of diamonds with a total weight of 1 carat.

Step 3: Setting the Diamonds into Studs

After setting the diamonds in the setting, the studs were polished. The surface of the gold has not yet been rhodium plated, so the gold has a warm yellow tint, but even so, the studs look great!

Step 4: Finishing

Stud Earrings with diamonds after additional polishing and rhodium plating. After giving birth, the natural white hue of gold disappeared, now the white shines more and looks lighter.

Finale: Finished Studs with Diamonds

Final result: 18k white gold stud earrings with diamonds, total weight 1 carat. The weight of the finished studs is 2.5 grams, our best affordable price is $210 – $640 choose in between. Choose your test and style according to 1 Carat Diamond Stud Earrings at our Online Store at Gemistone Jewelers. 

How much do 1 carat diamond stud earrings price? 

The catalog of the online store Gemistone Jewelers contains numerous photos of gold earrings with diamonds. In the assortment of the store, you will find diamond earrings of various designs – from classic to original and trendy. 

At the same time, when choosing, parents should focus on the following factors. Stud Earrings should fit the girl in terms of the shape and type of her face and go well with her hair. Secondly, classically shaped diamond earrings are more suitable for everyday wear. Openwork earrings should be worn for special occasions. And of course, earrings should be light and comfortable for a little beauty.

The price of diamond stud earrings usually depends on the weight and cut of the gemstones. But you should not think that it is always “sky-high”. In our store, you will always quickly find the right option for your budget. By the way, for a baby, you can buy earrings with a medium-sized stone. Earrings with small diamonds also look great. 

Most importantly, your pet will feel the beauty and care for her. Do not forget that every girl dreams of jewelry with diamonds. So give her this wonderful gift – choose for her the most beautiful and stylish diamond earrings that will make her the happiest!

Men’s Diamond Earring

The symbolic men’s earring is distinguished without completely distracting attention. The men’s diamond earring completes an outfit, a look. The men’s diamond stud earring model is usually an earring with a screw or push back clasp. Discover our diamond stud earrings and our choice of diamond studs for men.


Do you want to give a delightful gift to your beloved woman? Give diamond earrings with diamonds! Using the jewelry designer on our website, you can “collect” earrings to order by choosing the right stones and settings. Thus, you will become the owner of the exclusive jewelry of your dreams!

In our catalog, you will also find a wide selection of frames – classic or studs (carnations), made of white or yellow gold.

Please note that the price of finished diamond stud earrings may change slightly in the end: the product uses several stones, so our specialists will select those that best suit each other and match the parameters you have chosen, and then inform you of the final cost of the product.


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