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How to choose board games


Board games are entertainment without age or character. Serious, businesslike adults, groups of young people, families with children play equally cheerfully. But how to choose a board game that everyone will definitely like?

Imagine that you are new to board games and do not understand how D&D differs from Munchkin and only half-heard that “When the city falls asleep, the mafia wakes up.” Taking a board game at random is a risky spoiled evening, in which instead of a fun-filled holiday, you will get bored people, dejectedly picking game cards and chips. It’s even more frustrating if you inadvertently grab an 18+ game for a vacation with a small child. Or find that the set you bought is designed for at least five, and there are only two of you. Fortunately, it’s not so difficult to figure out desktop games, even though there are a lot of them.

Purpose of the game
First of all, let’s decide who will play and where. There is a special section of “games on the road” – they are compact, where you do not need to lay out the card on half a table and collect a bag of game ammunition. Most card games with tasks are suitable for the road. For example, “Crocodile”, based on guessing words.

There are games specifically aimed at leisure with children. They are distinguished by strict censorship and not too high complexity of the game rules. But in games “for adults” there may well be black humor, modern slang, or some kind of aggressive game theme in the spirit of “figure out and kill the enemy.” To kill, of course, figuratively.

By the way, if you are looking for games for leisure with children, then pay attention to the recommended minimum age of the players. This parameter, of course, is very conditional, but it will help you find out if a game for kids, for example, is suitable, or it will be difficult. For example, the Dungeons & Dragons universe is recommended from the age of 12, but given that the rules of the game are like a whole story, it is unlikely that a teenager will like it. But games with logic puzzles from BRAINY TRAINY are specifically focused on children’s activities from 6-8 years old.

Minimum and maximum number of players
A particularly important parameter with which to start searching for a game. All games are optimized for the minimum number of participants and playing with three players, if the game is for at least four, is a so-so option. Otherwise, you will have to somehow adjust the game for a small company and it’s not a fact that it will work out at all without losing game mechanics and interest. However, most games support from 2-3 participants. Much less common are board games that require a minimum of three participants. Four or more – even rarer. There are also those that can be played alone.

But if you, on the contrary, are used to gathering in a large and noisy company, then be sure to look at the limitation in the maximum number of players. For example, some games are designed for a strict team of participants – only 2 or no more than 4. Usually these are strategies that have a specific set of pieces and chips. And in others – for example, games with tasks – you can cut a team of 7, 12, 15 people or more.

Genre and game mechanics
To choose the right genre and type of game, you need to think about the mood of your company. For example, cheerful and energetic people may find it boring to play calm and thoughtful Monopoly. But an avid introvert and quiet person may feel out of place if he has to stand in front of everyone and portray the hidden words in Crocodile. The same applies to vital interests. A group of inveterate humanitarians and philologists will hardly get into economic strategies, but harsh logicians may find a humorous game of associations not very interesting.

Having decided on what the majority of people in your company want, you can choose the genre of the game. For example, in detective stories you will have to connect logic and artistry, cracking down on criminals and hiding your game motives, or playing entire roles, as in the famous Mafia. Economic games are more calm, measured, built on logic. Adventures are fun and fast-paced, where you immerse yourself in a fictional world and act out roles. There are educational games, turn-based strategies, humorous, designed in the form of guessing and quizzes, card games, and so on.

The search category “gaming skills” will also help in choosing a genre. She will tell you exactly what skills will be useful to you in a particular game. Each game has its own feature. Will you think, develop logic or memory, think over global tactics and a plan for the victory of the enemy, comprehend the basics of the world economy or awaken all your erudition – you can always know this in advance by looking at the characteristics of the game.

Game type
In addition to the genre and mechanics, there is also a game format. For example, rivalry, when everyone plays against each other, achieving victory. There is a cooperative game, where you and the participants work as a single team, or a semi-cooperative game, where you break into groups and overcome each other.

Game time
Here you have to understand what role the board game plays in the company. Is the board game the backbone of your evening or just an addition? If you are going to specifically play board games, then choose those where the minimum playing time is longer – from an hour and a half and more. For example, strategies, rpg. If you don’t want to go too deep into the rules and pore over the game guides, take short, fast-paced games like card games for guessing, association and funny tasks. A game cycle can only last about half an hour – great to have fun without getting bored.

game universe
There are a lot of them! Board games are a whole culture that gathers its loyal fans and sometimes becomes a big hobby for life. Additions are often released to major game universes in the form of new maps, playing fields and stories. For example, one of the most famous and deep gaming universes is the Dungeons & Dragons fantasy game. She has a huge set of rules, her own fantasy world, hundreds of maps and thousands of stories. This game has become a real cult, and even books are written on it, films are made and computer games are made.

There are no less famous series of games such as the legendary economic strategy “Monopoly” or quizzes on the association “Munchkin”. Another major universe of board games is the Munchkin card strategy with the most interesting characters and game world.

If you, for example, are a sophisticated lover of a particular game, you can find new items and additions for your favorite universe.

Selection Tips
Is a sedate and quiet party of introverts planned? Take a closer look at the rpg , logic and economic games.

Do you want more emotions and fun? Charismatic quizzes , mischievous ” Munchkin ” or exciting ” Mafia “, humorous games – your choice.

Planning to immerse yourself in the multifaceted universes of board games? We are looking for among games with a large wagering time . Or we immediately go into serious gaming cultures like D&D , Munchkin or Warhammer .

Looking for something to keep your guests entertained while the tea cake is being prepared? Small short gamesthat will not strain the participants, but will help kill time and defuse the situation.

Thinking about what to do with a child – games for children are just right.


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