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How to bring great travel photos


The world has stepped forward, now to take a great photo you do not need to carry a whole darkroom with you. Huge flashes on tripods, umbrellas, a bunch of heavy lenses – all this can replace a smartphone and some accessories for it. This is especially true when you are photographing while traveling, where the weight and amount of camera equipment matters.

Useful Smartphone Features for Taking Photos

  1. Seize the moment. In order not to miss it, it is useful to learn how to quickly launch the camera. There are several of them:

double-clicking the power button or the volume down button (for example, on Xiaomi and other Chinese models);
home button and swipe left on iPhone;
drawing a symbol on the screen, which can be pre-set in the settings;
a voice assistant to whom you need to say “Open the camera.”

These methods allow you to take a photo instantly without unlocking the screen, without waiting for a password request.

  1. Help in composition. It is better to take a high-quality shot right away than to center it later. To do this, use the “grid” option, which can be enabled in the smartphone settings.
  2. Suitable shooting mode. If you photograph people and animals, select “Portrait”. When you want to create a shot that captures a wide landscape, Panorama is great. To take a photo for Instagram, you can immediately select the “Square” mode. In poorly lit rooms, use the “Night” mode.
  3. Unusual video of ordinary things. You can shoot beautifully the movement of clouds or the flight of an airplane due to the fast and slow motion functions. They can be selected in the same place as photo modes.
  4. Useful applications. Using the Google Lens app, you can view information about the objects you have photographed.
  5. Change lens. Modern smartphones often have 2-3 or more cameras. You can switch between lenses by zooming in on the frame while remaining in place.
  6. Continuous shooting. To take a series of photos on Android and older generations of the iPhone, you just need to hold the white shutter button. On the new iPhone 11, you need to pull the button to the left and hold it. Continuous shooting is ideal when you need to shoot fast-moving subjects: splashing water, running children, flying sparkles or flower petals, and many other highlights. At the end, extra photos can be deleted, leaving the best ones.
  7. Focus is the key to clarity. To focus, click on the object of the image on which you want the camera to focus. To lock focus for multiple photos, hold your finger on that spot on the screen. You can unlock focus by tapping anywhere else on the screen.
  8. Exposure with one touch. In smartphones, the brightness is set automatically. To get a photo that isn’t too dark or too bright, experiment by clicking on different areas of the image and see how the light changes. Determine the best option for you and release the shutter.
  9. Use HDR. HDR is high dynamic range photography. It allows you to make high-contrast frames by creating several frames and then mixing them. All this happens automatically.

Waterproof smartphones for underwater photography

Every second trip includes a visit to the sea. You can take pictures of the underwater world with waterproof smartphones . The price for them is higher than for smartphones without moisture protection, but good and original pictures are worth it.

There are two main standards for moisture protection:

IP67 – you can stay with it for no more than 30 minutes at a meter depth.
IP68 – water protection indicators are higher than IP67, but differ depending on the manufacturer.

The most popular waterproof smartphones are iPhone 11 , 11 Pro, XS and iPhone XS Max. With them you can dive to a depth of 2 meters.

6.1″ Smartphone Apple iPhone 11 64 GB black 53 799 *
Also, IP68-protected smartphones are Google Pixel 3 and 3 XL, Korean Samsung Galaxy S20 and Note 10, Chinese Huawei P30 , as well as its modifications P30 Pro and P30 lite.

Smartphones are protected only from fresh water, according to the guarantee. Pay attention to the indicated maximum diving depth and the time that the smartphone can be under water.

Waterproof case for smartphone

In order not to fall under a non-warranty case, it is easier to pay extra and use a waterproof case for your smartphone. You can put absolutely any smartphone in such a case. But if it contains a flagship with moisture protection, then double protection is obtained, and the owner has no reason to worry.

Cases are made of a special film that does not prevent the touch screen from recognizing finger touches even under water. But with such a cover it’s not scary to swim, ride a water scooter or ride a bike in the rain.

Aquacase for universal – Aceline Aquacase WP-001 black 499 *
When buying a case, immediately check for holes, cracks and scratches. Test it for sensor operation and tightness.

Hyperzoom for travel: benefits and recommendations

Outwardly similar to a SLR camera, but inside is completely different. How is hyperzoom different from other cameras and what are its main advantages?

The main advantages are: fixed optics with a high magnification index (up to 50x), compact size, prices are lower than for DSLRs. Of course, the final image quality of a SLR camera may be higher, but it is also designed for professional photographers who make money on shooting.

Hyperzoom is a great option for the consumer, and even more so for the traveler.

Nikon COOLPIX B500 compact camera black 18 999 *
When traveling, the weight of your luggage matters. Both at the check at the airport and in general, carrying heavy things with you is not enough joy. Hyperzoom weighs a little, but makes it possible to take pictures of very decent quality.
On excursions, especially bus tours, masterpieces of architecture flash before your eyes, just have time to capture them. A tourist simply does not have time to build an exposure, make fine adjustments, change lenses, even if he knows how to do all this.

Sometimes objects are far away, it is impossible to get closer for various reasons, but you want to take a good photo. Hyperzoom will help here too. With it, you can shoot even very distant objects
Hyperzooms are afraid of water, sand, falls, sudden changes in temperature.

System cameras in travel: pros and cons
The system camera is used by professional photographers. Some amateurs also really want to hold in their hands and try out a camera with several lenses and many settings. Mirrorless cameras are growing in popularity. They weigh less, are easy to use, and in their characteristics are not inferior to mirror ones.

Mirrorless camera Sony Alpha 6000 (ILCE-6000L) Kit 16-50mm silver 55 999 *
The main advantages of system mirrorless cameras are:

High image quality. Excellent shots in the dark, with elements of different brightness in the frame, in bright light and in other difficult moments.
Mixed autofocus system that combines phase and classic autofocus. Thanks to it, you get good shots if you shoot objects in motion.
Shooting speed. The electronic shutter allows you to take more frames per second.
The preview is available through the electronic viewfinder. The shutter has not yet clicked, and you already see what happens in the end. It is very convenient for a traveler.
Shooting in museums and theaters is possible because the camera shutter operates silently.
The weight is lighter due to the fact that the manufacturers have removed the mirror mechanism. As we remember, a light suitcase for a tourist is an important factor. Yes, and all day on an excursion with a camera in hand, it also inclines to think about a lighter camera.
You can view the effects in real time, even before the shot is taken.
They look compact, without frightening the museum guards with their dimensions. That will allow you to take pictures without remarks that “professional photography is prohibited.”
There are also some disadvantages of such cameras:

Charging goes fast. It lasts only 350 shots, compared to 1500 shots with DSLRs.
Less choice of lenses.
Shooting delay, as digitization takes place so that the future frame can be seen on the screen.
Not all cameras have built-in flash. Sometimes it has to be purchased separately.
The cons are actually not so many and they are not significant, the pros outweigh.

To choose a good system camera, pay attention to the size of the matrix, the number of lenses available for sale for this model.

Overview of useful accessories for smartphones and compact cameras
Some accessories help turn your smartphone into a professional camera. They will be discussed below.

Interchangeable lenses
Additional lenses allow you to expand the field of view, play with focusing, shoot small or, on the contrary, very distant objects. This is a great option when you want to capture a temple on a distant mountain or a strange insect while traveling.

Three rules for choosing good optics:

firmly attached to the smartphone case,
made of glass (it is more durable),
The outer lens must be sized to fit the camera eye to the diameter of the outer lens to avoid shadows.

Smart lenses Olloclip Core Lens Combo
Additional lighting

In situations where there is not enough light, wireless flash comes to the rescue . It connects to a smartphone via Bluetooth. In the application, you can select the appropriate lighting mode. For shooting video, a constant light source is suitable.

iblazr LED flash
Shutter button

You can take pictures remotely. This is handy when the smartphone is on a tripod and you want to be in the frame too. The button operates within a radius of up to 10 meters. You also have time to calmly take a seat, have time to tune in to the picture, smile, and only then press the shutter button.


To be in the frame yourself or the whole family, and not ask passers-by to take a photo, you can purchase a tripod . Flexible leg tripods (octopus) allow you to place your smartphone on a lamppost, tree, bridge handrail and take fantastic photos. When choosing, it is important that the tripod can withstand the weight of the gadget with accessories attached to it.

Tripod Falcon Eyes LifePOD Flex Plus black
Selfie sticks

With such a stick , you can take a photo of a large company and everyone can be in the frame. It allows you to take pictures in hard-to-reach places. For example, by putting it through the bars of the fence, you can capture a beautiful garden, park or palace without stripes.

The main selection criterion is strength. Selfie sticks with metal knots are more reliable than plastic ones.

Selfie stick DENN PRO DSS Vloger black 1 499 *

Stadicam is an excellent tool for shooting video without the effect of pitching and trembling hands. Special motors align the smartphone along three axes.

Stabilizer DJI OSMO MOBILE 3 gray

Using a smartphone as a camera drains the battery very quickly. Portable charging is becoming a necessity. The higher the capacity, the greater the weight, so you have to look for a “golden mean”. This can be considered a portable battery Xiaomi Mi Power Bank 3.

Portable battery Xiaomi Mi Power Bank 3 PLM13ZM black 1 499 *

For good videos, the built-in microphone is sometimes not enough. Especially if you make a video for a blog. Portable microphones come in the form of a headset or lavalier. Connected via 3.5 mm jack.

Microphone BOYA BY-M1 1 599 *
Taking professional photos while traveling is not difficult. A smartphone or compact camera plus a few accessories and your masterpieces are ready. Have a great trip and great photos!


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