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How to add a photo or video to Instagram from a computer


Post a photo to Instagram via smartphone – 5 seconds. Sharing content through a computer is an unrealistic task. But it would be convenient: I processed a picture or video and immediately uploaded it to the application from the computer. It turns out that you can upload photos and videos to Instagram from a computer for a long time. We tell you how.

Instagram was created as a mobile application, but is gradually being introduced into the desktop environment. There is already an official application that we can find in the Microsoft Store. It copies the browser application, it is possible to add a video through Igtv, but you cannot add a photo. Also in the app store you can find separate programs for adding photos, but they are paid and not always stable. Let’s look for better solutions.

Using a browser
Modern browsers have great functionality, allowing you to easily and easily place publications without resorting to the services of third-party programs.

For those who are used to multitasking, there is a very convenient option. We will need the Vivaldi browser with its toolkit for adding panels.

Click on the “Add Web Panel” icon and paste the link to the Instagram website. After logging into your account, the familiar application icon will appear in the panel column, as well as a button for downloading.

Thanks to this interface, you can view the event feed, add photos and work with several open tabs in parallel.

Mobile device emulation
For this method, we need to go to the browser and go to the Instagram website . We enter your account, right-click on any free area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe page, select ” View code ” in the drop-down menu.

A window with the source code of our page will appear on the right side of the screen. It can also be called by the key combination Crtl+Shift+I. Next, click on the tablet / smartphone icon and select the device interface familiar to us. We update the page. A button for adding a file will appear at the bottom of the screen.

This method is relevant not only for the considered Google Chrome, but also for Microsoft Edge, Opera and Yandex.

To download the video, we need to log in to our account using a browser, in a standard way without emulation. Next, going to the profile tab, we will see the “Igtv” button.

Click on the “Download” button and follow the necessary steps for publishing.

Browser extension
Similar to the one described above, but with a slightly different execution path. We need to install the extension in the Chrome browser.

After installation, activate the extension and log into your account.

Our application will be displayed in a separate window, simulating the screen of a mobile device.

Using emulator apps
To add a photo / video, you can use a separate emulator application. The meaning of his work is to create a copy of the equipment and its program code, which allows you to run mobile applications on a personal computer.

Nox App Player
Download and install the program, we need a gmail account. You can download Instagram using a separate apk file by adding it with a special button from the right panel. Or go to the “App center” page and add an application from Google Play.

After installing Instagram, the application icon will appear. Let’s go to your account. Interface familiar from a mobile device.

The next step is to set up the path for adding files. To do this, click on the gear icon in the main window, in the settings tab, check the box next to the “Root” item.

The application will ask you to restart, after restarting, we just have to drag the necessary files into the gallery window.

This emulator can be installed both on Windows and on a system running Mac OS.

BlueStacks is another popular Android emulator for Windows and Mac OS. The principle of operation is similar to the previously discussed Nox emulator. After installing the program, we need to download Instagram from Google Play, after which the application icon will appear in the main window.

Select the files to upload and drag them to the gallery window, then follow the steps for publishing.

With the help of SMM services
We will not bypass the owners of accounts associated with the business. Whether it’s a blogger or a store, it’s important to post at certain intervals when the activity of subscribers is the highest. This will help us online services with the possibility of delayed posting photos / videos.

SMM planner
This service allows you to upload posts to several accounts at the same time, post posts with a specified time and has convenient tools. After registering on the service page, we need to link an Instagram account. To do this, click on the “Accounts” button on the left side of the screen and connect it in the tab that opens.

Next, go to the tab “Posts – Schedule a post” and add the desired file from the storage.

We set all the parameters we need for publications and click “OK”.

In this way, you can publish a video / photo in several of your social networks without spending a lot of time. This service has a free trial period, and it does not take much effort to quickly understand the interface.

Register on the page and add an account. The interface is minimalistic, for beginners there is a small trial period.

After completing these steps, a window with a profile will appear in front of us. The number of buttons is minimal, it is possible to view the feed of subscriptions and your publications.

You can add multiple posts at once, as well as edit the display area of ​​a post. At the final stage, it is possible to set the publication time, description and geolocation.

Also on the service page you can find the “Direct” tabs for communication and “Analytics”, which in turn allows you to monitor the activity and growth of subscribers, saving a lot of time.—DumpsFire—DumpsFire


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