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How has shopping changed? 5 ways to increase sales in the age of the internet


In a recent article Sridhar Ramaswamy, active in the Ads and Commerce sector of google, (to see the original article click here ) explained how the purchasing behavior of users has changed with the advent of the internet, explaining how these changes can be exploited for the benefit of your business. Nowadays the difference between buying online and buying in a store is increasingly subtle. Whether you are looking for a product online or offline, it is always a matter of PURCHASE. This is why current traders and entrepreneurs have a duty to merge the rules of the offline market with those of the web world in order to take advantage of them. 

Ramaswamy identifies five aspects of the users’ purchasing decision-making process and provides as many recommendations to satisfy and increase demand

1- Customers are increasingly informed

before: the customer went to a shop still undecided and hoping to find a sales employee. Who could advise and guide him in the purchase.

today: shoppers have clearer ideas, they are looking for good products or services that are actually worth their cost. The situation is completely reversed: the sales person currently has the sole task of serving the customer who arrives in the shop already aware of what he wants. Being present online with your business allows you to shorten the distance with the potential webnauta buyer, and to be present during the entire decision-making process of the user.

2- Traders can still influence consumer choice

first: in the past, retail was completely in the hands of the merchant who became a sort of “relative” capable of understanding and predicting the tastes and preferences of potential customers who were thus retained.

today: the needs and desires of buyers can be intercepted through the internet. By verifying which are the most searched terms related to your business, which topics always related to your business are discussed on forums or blogs or what are the interests of our consumers on social networks.

3- Computers, smartphones, tablets and all mobile tools generate traffic even offline

before: customers were more loyal, they often went back to a shop or bought the same service out of habit

today: the buyer is looking for the best and is willing to search to find it, has more expectations than in the past. The cyber buyer, when looking for something online, wants to have as a result not only the name of the shop. Or company but also for example the driving directions complete with a map. A phone number just to click to call directly, and maybe even offers. and active promotions. Ramaswamy cites as an example the sports brand Adidas which. Thanks to advertising on mobile devices, has seen sales of its stores rise by 1.6 million dollars.

4- A good reputation is essential

before: the object of desire was shared with friends and family, word of mouth was a limited phenomenon

today: word of mouth is still widespread, with the difference that family and friends have become millions of users. A bad comment on a forum or a negative review on a site is enough to cause revenue to collapse. It is therefore essential to constantly check your web reputation and check user opinions and comments. In order to improve your performance and anticipate customer requests.

5- The products are not only online

before: the user decided whether to buy or not, above all on the basis of the emotional and sensorial aspects

today: the buyer is more demanding and aware. He knows what he wants and evaluates more aspects before buying. But the sensory side is still important. Even in the web world it is possible to activate emotions and make the shopping experience less sterile. How? By inserting images of the product, perhaps activating a zoom that allows you to view. The individual details from different perspectives. Insert a configurator that allows the user to create the product. In short, by looking for gimmicks that make the user more interactive and involved.


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