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How Google Ranks Your Image – Know Before you Go!


People do think optimizing the text-based content is the only content, but image optimizations are also critical. Make your images platform free and use WebP to PNG converter to make your images OS independent. It increases the rate of SERP ranking as Google crawlers, are not able to index the images. It is critical for the popularity and traffic rate of the brand When people are clicking on your images. Your images can make or break the website ranking on the Google SERP.

They are spreading your brand image, and you are earning media on social media. When your website is accessed by various platforms, it helps to boost the SERP ranking. Text-based content along with quality images increases the understanding level of the users. Turn WebP into PNG to preserve the quality of the images, as PNG is a lossless file format. This would increase the SERP ranking of your images, and the overall ranking of the website.

In this topic, we are discussing, how Google Ranks Your Image?

Google selection and image query:

There are different strategies, which can be used to rank your images:

Keywords and SEO:

Produce images that are searched many times related to your topic. When you are using SEO to make You use the keywords same for the text-based content when your images are managed according to the Google images SERP. You can add Keyword in the description of the image, and image production should be according to your Google SERP. You need to make the images that are explanatory to the text you are attaching with the image. Use WebP to PNG converter by and turn Webp file into PNG regular file type and even make the file format compatible.

Create a balance:

Find a balance between maximizing the aesthetic quality of images and their loading speed. This balance can be created by using the correct file format for the images like PNG. Convert Webp to PNG images to find the right balance between the image quality and the loading speed. Both the factors of the quality and image loading time should be managed to rank higher in Google Ranking. Try to save webp as png and increase the balance between the image quality and loading speed.

Unique images and SERP:

Make sure whatever the images, it should be unique and not duplicated. Google doesn’t rank the duplicate images, use the correct format for the production of the images. Use WebP to PNG converter, to create unique images displaying your product and brand. Optimal images size should be used to produce unique images. When you can produce unique images, then your Google ranking would be automatically improved by your competitors.

Comprehensive image labels:

Try to use the comprehensive image labels and use the distributive file format. WebP to PNG converter makes the images more friendly for the Google crawlers. This means adding the Alt tags, title tags and images names are quite essential. Try to connect the images connected to the text content in your topic. If you are publishing the images according to your text content, it means you are creating a synergy between the text content and the images.


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