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How Can Your Packaging Impact The Sales Of Your Product


Hemp flower is a product of the cannabis plant. It must be protected and preserved from external pressure and factors so that its shape, form, and fragrance remain intact. If not handled carefully, it might get deformed and lose its quality. To sustain the value of hemp flower, it must have packaging to preserve it in the original form. Customizing your hemp flower packaging wholesale can help you fulfills your brand requirements.

Hemp flowers are dried and preserved cannabis plants filled in glass containers. These are famous for the physical and mental benefits they provide. People use it often for healing purposes. Hemp flowers need to be preserved in their original form to keep them appealing and usable for customers. This is why packaging needs particular importance. 

There are numerous choices in packaging materials, printing techniques, add-ons, finishing coats, and color models to pick the best for your custom hemp flower packaging. 

You can create custom packaging with numerous options in packaging materials, printing techniques and add-ons to make brand-specific packaging for you and to promote your products wherever they are displayed. So start with the basic customizations and move on to intricate details stepwise.

Choosing The Right Packaging Material Is Crucial For Protection And Presentation Of Your Products

You can start with our packaging materials to pick the best one that suits your product. 

Corrugated packaging material

It is lightweight, robust and secure. It is commonly used for the storage and transport of products. Corrugated material is made up of cellulose fiber, and flutes are added between the layers, which help to keep your products in place and protected. It is budget-friendly and is 100% recyclable, being economically and environmentally feasible. 

Rigid packaging material

Rigid boxes packaging material is to keep your sensitive hemp flowers safe while preserving them. Rigid packaging is the premium one with a secure and dense structure. It is resistant to environmental forces like moisture, vibration, and pressure. Due to its extraordinary qualities, it is expensive but gives higher perceived quality of the product with improved ROI.

Kraft packaging material

Kraft is trendy and made from recyclable materials. You can readily get the customized shape, size, internal attachments and prints with Kraft packaging. If you have a limited budget for packaging, Kraft is a suitable option. You can use Kraft for counter display as well.  

Cardboard packaging material

If you want versatile and budget-friendly packaging for your hemp flowers, then cardboard is the way to go along with its flexibility and support for customizations. It is widespread in retail packaging and caters to various products. It supports printing techniques, add-ons, additional protective coatings against electric current, heat and moisture to keep the product safe.

Printing Techniques for Hemp Flower Packaging

Show some creativity and make printed hemp flower packaging that showcases your brand and important product information for the customers. Here are the two popular printing techniques used in the packaging industry.

Offset Printing When You Need Detailed Images On Your Hemp Flower Packaging

Offset printing delivers high-quality prints. If you have a bulk order with high-resolution, vibrant images, then offset printing is for you. But avoid going for offset printing in case of a small scale order as it will be costly with a lengthier turnaround time.

Digital Printing: A Quick And Trendy Technique For Printing Images

Digital printing fulfils all your needs with a speedy turnaround time and low operational cost for large and small orders. It also delivers high-quality images, though not as vibrant as offset printing. Design alterations can be easily done with this technique.

Color Models for Hemp Flower Packaging

Color models add life to your packaging. There are two distinct color models for your packaging designs to make it more expressive and presentable:

CMYK To Create Multicolored Vibrant Images

CMYK is a subtractive color model that works with four primary shades: Cyan, Magenta, yellow and black that are combined in different concentrations to form more colors. If your packaging does not require color precision, CMYK is the right option for you that provides a vibrant appearance.

PMS To Be Accurate And Consistent With Shades

Pantone Matching System provides color precision and evenness as you need your brand to be recognized. It has a universal color palette covering more than 1400 colors denoted by specific codes to avoid any deviances over different platforms.

Why Not Create Unique And Creative Hemp Flower Packaging And Make Them Draw Customers’ Attention

Customize your hemp flower packaging wholesale and make for your products look remarkable. Make the customizations complement your product in every way and suit the requirements. The attractive features will make customers haste to purchase your products. The outstanding custom hemp flower packaging can make waves in the market with your brand recognition and promote your products wherever they are placed. Just create printed cbd packaging that will make a difference and increase your products’ sales with an eye-catching appearance to captivate customers and get them hooked to your products.


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