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Home carpenter: what tools you need to work with wood


Wood products are always in fashion. Therefore, every home craftsman once has an idea to make furniture or interior elements from wood. Here you need to clearly understand what carpentry tool is needed – and for what. Then there will be no extra spending on the tool, the work will go easily, and the result will please everyone.

Marking and measuring tool
Work on any carpentry product most often begins with marking. Accurate and clear marking will facilitate the processing of the workpiece and reduce the amount of marriage. Here you will need a construction pencil, rulers, tape measure and square.

A construction pencil is better than other marking tools for working with wood – its marks are clearly visible on wood, hold well even on unplaned wood, and are easily erased. A construction pencil differs from the usual one in a harder lead of a rectangular (or elliptical) section – it can draw both thin and thick lines.

Lines are better to have two or three pieces. A meter ruler comes in handy quite often, but it is inconvenient to work with small details. Therefore, it is desirable to have both meter and 30 cm rulers available.

Measuring ruler Sparta 300 mm 305065
5In stores: in 1 store
A tape measure will be required for marking long products – boards, skirting boards, large furniture elements. For carpentry, a length of three meters will be enough , for construction – five or seven and a half meters. Pay attention to the presence of an auto- lock : it prevents the roulette tape from winding up when the hook jumps off.

Roulette Gross Schlagfest 31113

[5 m, 25 mm, body – ABS plastic, material – steel, nylon, hitchhiking]
A square is required for marking right angles. You can mark corners by eye, but with a tool it will be faster and more accurate.

Elbow Matrix 32471 250 mm

The wooden blank must be securely fastened to a workbench or table. Often there is a need to tightly pull together two workpieces for joint processing. Clamps do this best .

When choosing a clamp, first of all, pay attention to its sponges. Wood is a soft material, a clamp with metal sponges of a small area will leave deep marks on the workpiece. Carpentry clamps should have wide jaws. Better if they are protected by plastic overlays.

Clamp DEKO CL03 065-0556

Classic carpentry clamps have an F-shape and a screw clamp. Recently, pistol-type quick-clamp clamps have become widespread . They are easier to install and eliminate the disadvantage of F-clamps associated with the rotation of one of the jaws. When tightening the screw stop of the F-shaped clamp, one of the jaws rotates. This may cause the workpiece to move.

Circular Saw
A circular saw is needed for making even cuts on a wooden workpiece. You can simply cut the board with an electric jigsaw or a reciprocating saw, but an even cut can only be made with a circular saw.

It is desirable that the saw has a parallel stop . This will allow you to make parallel cuts, as well as increase the accuracy of the cut. If higher requirements are placed on accuracy, cheap models should be abandoned. They often have play between the disc and the frame and/or in the rip fence connection of the frame. The appropriate guide will help you choose the right circular saw .

Circular saw FinePower CS1400

If you are going to cut a lot, it is better to buy a table saw . With it, it is much easier to dissolve the board into bars or deal with the “unedged” one at a time.

Sawing machine Ryobi RTS1800-G

If the thickness of the material being cut exceeds 10-12 cm, the capabilities of the circular saw will not be enough – you will need a band saw .

Band saw Zubr ZPL-305

A circular saw cuts quickly and evenly, but only in a straight line. To make a curly cut, you need an electric jigsaw . The saw blade of an electric jigsaw has a very small height (7-15 mm), so it is quite easy for it to make curved cuts in sheet materials.

The turning radius of the cut with an electric jigsaw is noticeably larger than that of a manual one: even with the thinnest files, it is about 1.5-2 cm. If you need to do finer work, you will have to use a manual jigsaw .

With an electric jigsaw, you can quickly cut a board, plinth, rail or layout. Of all carpentry tools, it is closest to a regular hacksaw. Therefore, with small amounts of work where high accuracy is not needed, it will come in handy.

Electric jigsaw Bosch PST 900 PEL

When choosing a jigsaw, pay attention to the material and workmanship of the sole. Cheap stamped soles often bend, reducing the already low cut accuracy. To choose a jigsaw for your tasks, use our guide .

A reciprocating saw is more productive than a jigsaw and is often more convenient. But there is no great need for it – a jigsaw can replace a reciprocating saw in all carpentry work, but the opposite is not always the case.

Miter box and miter saw
How to cut a plinth, trim or baguette evenly at the right angle? You can accurately mark a square on it at the place of the cut, draw a diagonal and carefully cut along it with a hand saw . This method requires a firm hand and some skill, otherwise the percentage of marriage will be large – when joining the corners “with a mustache”, deviations of even half a millimeter are striking.

A miter box will help cut the material exactly at the right angle . To do this, place the workpiece in the miter box, press it firmly against the wall and saw through the cut with a hand saw along one of the slots.

If you need to frequently and precisely cut long parts at a given angle, a miter saw is indispensable. The selection guide will help you choose the right model .

But when drilling large holes, the screwdriver is under heavy load and quickly discharges. A screwdriver may not be able to cope with hard varieties of wood. In this case, you will need a drill with a power of 800 W or more . If you have to work with long Lewis spirals with a diameter of more than 20 mm, then the power of the drill should start from 1 kW .

Drill Rebir UM2-16/1200ER

Use the electric drill selection guide to choose the right tool if the power of the screwdriver is not enough for your purposes.

After the wooden part has received the desired shape, its surface must be sanded. This is done manually with sandpaper of different grain sizes. Sanding is one of the most tedious woodworking operations.

Fortunately, small-scale mechanization has reached this area – several types of grinders can be found on store shelves.

For rough grinding , belt sanders are used . In them, an endless belt of coarse (P40-P100) sanding paper moves along two rollers.

Belt sander Resanta LShM-75/900
In terms of the degree of impact on the surface, belt grinders are second only to angle grinders (“grinders”). But the latter are more likely to be suitable for more rough work – for example, removing old paint. Leveling the surface with their help is not easy, but the risk of ruining everything will be high. For primary grinding of large surfaces, a belt sander is best suited.

If the part is small or has a complex shape, a belt sander will not work. Here it is better to use a renovator with a grinding nozzle or a vibratory grinder.

Vibration grinders are used for fine grinding of surfaces that have undergone preliminary coarse grinding (or initially even). A vibrating sander has an oscillating sole on which a piece of sanding paper of the right size is attached. Usually, during the grinding process, the skin changes from coarse (P80) to fine (P240-400) in two or three steps. The whole process is repeated several times.

Orbital grinders differ in the shape of the sole, the number and amplitude of vibrations, etc. In order not to get confused in these parameters and choose the most suitable tool, use the appropriate guide.

Vibratory grinder Makita BO3711 + Multitool MAKITA PGC-120040

The finest sanding is done with eccentric sanders .

According to the principle of operation, they are similar to vibration. However, their sole does not move in a straight path, but in a circular one. Each point of the sole of the eccentric sander makes small circular movements. This allows you to sand in the most gentle way, leaving a minimum of damage to the surface.

Nozzles for eccentric sanders have a minimum grain diameter – from P180 to P1000 and less. There are also polishing nozzles that allow you to polish the paintwork.

Random Orbital Sander DeWalt DWE 6423
Stores: 3 stores
It is not necessary to have all three types of grinders. If you are working with ready-made furniture panels or already sanded parts, you can do without machines at all. Although it is better to have at least a vibration one. Of the listed types, it is the most versatile, it allows you to use both rather coarse P40-60 skins and fine fine ones (P400-800 and even thinner).

electric planer
Sometimes a board or timber falls into the hands of a carpenter immediately after sawing. This is a rough material: such a board is most likely uneven and covered with protruding wood fibers. With the help of a grinder, it will not be possible to quickly align it. Only an electric planer will help here .

With the help of a rotating block of knives, an electric planer removes a thin layer of wood, leveling the surface.

Electric planer Bosch PHO 1500
Stores: 3 stores
Use the selection guide to understand the characteristics of this tool.

Milling cutter, as the name implies, is designed for milling (cutting material with a rotating cutter directed perpendicular to the surface to be machined). With a cutter you can:

choose curly grooves of complex shape in furniture facades and door panels;
smooth or shapely profile the edges of the facades and the edges of furniture parts;
to make moldings of complex shape from bars: skirting boards, layouts, corners, etc.;
perform grooves, slots, folds, nests (for connecting parts to each other);
cut flat parts of various shapes.

It cannot be said that the router is indispensable – the hole can be cut with a jigsaw, the grooves can be selected with a chisel , the edges can be smoothed by grinding, and the moldings can simply be bought. But the milling cutter significantly expands the carpenter’s possibilities for decorating his products and creating his own style.

Milling cutter Bosch POF 1200 AE (060326A100)
If you decide to buy a router, the corresponding guide will help you understand all its parameters.

The renovator is a versatile tool that facilitates many woodworking operations. The renovator can replace:

chisel when choosing grooves in wooden parts;
milling cutter and chisel when installing locks in doors;
vibratory grinder when grinding hard-to-reach areas;
jigsaw when making precise, neat cuts.
The productivity of the renovator is low. But craftsmen who work with small products of complex shape will definitely like the tool.

Renovator Elitech MI 500EK

[500 W, 16000 rpm, nozzles – 3 pcs, 1.6 kg]
4 999 *
angle grinder
“Bulgarian” , as mentioned above, it is difficult to grind wooden parts – its impact is too large and uneven. But sometimes angle grinders are still used in carpentry. With its help, you can brush wood, that is, the removal of soft wood fibers while maintaining hard ones. In this case, the surface acquires a distinct woody relief.

For brushing, special equipment is attached to the angle grinder – brush : a round metal brush, usually used to remove rust and clean metal products.

But you need to use such a tool with extreme caution, wearing a face shield , tight clothes and gloves – scraps of metal wire from a rotating karshetka scatter several meters and can pierce deep into the skin.

Construction gloves DDE Shock-Protect 648-496

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With a slightly lower performance (but more safety), brushing can also be done with a drill, fixing a similar tool in it . The process will go faster if the tree is first singed with a gas burner .

However, scorched wood can not be brushed – it already has a very spectacular appearance.


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