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Understand Hasty Generalization and Ways to Avoid It


At times, you might get presented with an argument that feels convincing to you. However, when you think deeply about it, you notice a logical loophole. That’s why you need to gain an understanding of the correct procedure to arrive at a conclusion. When writing a research paper, making wrong conclusions can diminish your argument’s credibility. A fallacy means when something has arrived at a faulty conclusion. A hasty generalization is a prominent example of it. If you want to avoid writing academic papers with hasty generalizations, you can seek professional assignment help. In this article, you’ll find about hasty generalization in greater detail. 

What Does a Hasty Generalization Mean?

It is a fallacy where a conclusion is drawn without properly assessing all reasoning aspects. In simple words, it’s a logical error, where a person makes conclusions based on mistaken or incomplete reasoning. Incorrect information is a significant reason for arriving at such a conclusion. 

Some causes that lead to a faulty generalization are:

  • Hurried introduction of the facts you have with you.
  • Fallacies of a specific fact.
  • Errors related to inadequate statistics or evidence. 
  • Errors related to inadequate samples.
  • Leaping to conclusions 

Examples of Hasty Generalization 

You can understand what hasty generalization means by going through the examples below. It will help you find why the conclusions derived in this manner are wrong.

  • When I was a teenager, my brothers and father never assisted me with my studies. All the males are worthless in the house.
  • I went to three clothing stores in Canada but could not find anything I liked. There are no good clothing stores in Canada.
  • My child’s friends harassed her when she was in 10th grade. All teenagers are bullies. 

Go through the above examples carefully. You will soon notice that the statements are made based on a very small sample and insufficient evidence. It is not enough to make a generalization that is presented in all the examples. It’s not enough to declare that all males are worthless or there are no good clothing stores in Canada. In the last example, one cannot generalize that teenagers are bullies because of a single experience.

How Can You Avoid Hasty Generalizations?

You can avoid making such generalizations when you keep in mind the tips given below. If you need more help developing an evidence-based and firm conclusion, connect with an expert assignment writing service.

  • Ensure to cite particular incidents – If you are taking small sample groups, communicate that in your writing. It will enable you to prevent applying your findings to a bigger group. 
  • Conduct adequate research – Good research will help you write accurately. But your research may have inaccurate data. That’s why you need to conduct sufficient research to get evidence for your claim. 
  • Write correctly – It may require some effort, but you need to ensure that what you are writing is entirely accurate. Work on developing precise writing skills.

Final Words 

Students often commit hasty generalizations in their academic works. Remember that adequate research and in-depth understanding of the topic are the only two ways to avoid it. Feel free to connect with an expert assignment help service if you need more assistance writing your research papers and essays. 

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