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GPS Navigation Apps: 6 Excellent Services for Drivers


Today, you can download many GPS navigation apps to your smartphone. They make it easy to get to your destination quickly, and some of them even work offline. So, if traveling by car is your passion, then install one of the following GPS services on your smartphone to always find the right driving direction!

Do you like to travel by car? Great choice! Imagine picking up a 7 seater car hire Heathrow Airport and expecting a great family trip. With a hire car, you can explore London and the surrounding area at your own pace. However, you can easily get lost if you are driving your car hire in an unfamiliar city. Luckily, your phone is the one that can help you.

Google Maps 

This is a well-known navigator, which is widely used by owners of Android-powered smartphones. The service is completely free, works offline, and provides many options to choose from. Google Maps allows you to get directions for driving or walking. At the same time, 3D maps can help you better navigate the area. The latter option is especially useful when you are traveling in unfamiliar terrain. 

The application interface is light and not overloaded with icons, so it’s comfortable to use while driving. A huge advantage of this navigation app is the voice control support and the ability to get all available information about the selected object, including the address, working hours, and even a description.

Why use GoogleMaps?

  • Downloading maps for offline use 
  • Wide functionality 
  • Complete information about facilities
  • Works on almost all Android versions from 4.0 and up
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This is an excellent application that is well-deservedly popular with drivers. A simple interface without unnecessary icons, the current road situation monitor, warning about high-speed cameras, and a voice assistant won’t let you get lost in unfamiliar terrain. 

One of the disadvantages of the program is poorly-detailed maps for small towns and villages. However, this is quite enough for trouble-free driving. On the other hand, you can download additional maps for free. 

Why use Waze?

  • Extensive functionality 
  • Nice and simple interface 
  • Free additional maps
Geospatial PDF Map in Avenza Maps - Minnesota DNR Recreati… | Flickr is a map service that works even without a network connection. It differs from similar solutions in that users take part in the creation of maps, so you can often find roads or objects not indicated in other applications. Moreover, if you are a pedestrian who is planning a walking route, then the service even shows the slope of the terrain. 

Another well-known feature is the ability to send other users a message with your current location. At the same time, using the service won’t be a problem for owners of old gadgets, since has low system requirements.

Why use Waze?

  • Stable offline work 
  • Drawing up walking routes 
  • Free map downloading 
  • Sharing location with other users
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Based on the OpenStreetMap service, the app doesn’t require an Internet connection at all. Firstly, it saves battery power, and secondly, it provides easy navigation if your route passes through areas without mobile coverage. The quality of the maps is very high, although there’s no 3D mode. Also, the maps are very detailed and look understandable in both day and night mode. 

Local navigation is only available using the GPS module in your smartphone, so don’t expect high accuracy from it when building walking routes. On the other hand, OsmAnd does its job perfectly while driving. 

OsmAnd provides paid and free versions. In the free version, you can only download 10 maps, which is enough if you mostly use the same routes and travel a little. In order to use the paid version, you need to pay about $2.5 once, after which you can download as many maps as you want. 

Why use OsmAnd?

  • Stable work without a network connection 
  • Very detailed maps
  • Cheap paid version 
  • Frequent map updates
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It’s a reliable time-tested navigator. Although Sygic is free to download, the app only offers a 7-day trial. So, you’ll have to decide if you’re willing to continue using the program. The cost of the app will depend on the number of maps you want to download. You pay once – no monthly or annual subscriptions required. 

In the paid version, the user gets access to the downloaded maps, which will be regularly updated. The application interface is thought out to the smallest detail and will please even the most demanding user. Sygic supports vertical and horizontal map orientation, 3D mode, and search bar autocomplete. 

You can zoom in or out on the map with the usual movement of two fingers, which is very convenient if you need to see the details of the route. An additional advantage of Sygic is a stable operation on devices with low system characteristics.

Why use Sygic?

  • Suitable for driving, walking, and cycling 
  • High-quality and detailed maps 
  • Stable offline work 
  • Low system requirements
Mobile maps | Google Maps on a smartphone | Matti Mattila | Flickr

TomTom GPS Navigation Traffic 

It’s a program with an intuitive interface and a wide range of features. TomTom gets directions, shows gas stations, car parks, and other facilities. You can add frequently-visited places to the map as well. The voice assistant prompts you for street names, house numbers, estimated time of arrival, and the remaining miles. 

Optionally, the user can choose the voice of the assistant. An important advantage of TomTom is the complete absence of ads. You can download the app for free, but after 75 miles you will have to purchase a monthly or annual subscription. 

Why use TomTom GPS Navigation Traffic?

  • Builds walking, driving, and cycling routes 
  • Voice assistant available
  • Simple interface 
  • No advertising


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