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Google Pixelbook Go Review 2022


In my Google Pixelbook Go Review 2022, I talk about the laptop’s pros and cons. The Pixelbook Go lacks a touchscreen, which limits the range of Android apps it can run. Nevertheless, I still think it’s a great laptop for the price. Its battery life is excellent for an Android-powered laptop, so there’s no reason to ditch it just yet. It’s worth considering for its dual-tasking capabilities, though.

Google Pixelbook

In this Google Pixelbook Go review, we’ll discuss its strengths and weaknesses, and determine whether it’s a good buy. The Pixelbook Go weighs under two pounds and measures just 13mm thick. With a solid Intel Core i5 processor, the mid-range model is capable of web browsing, watching videos, and using business programs. Its lack of a tablet and convertible feature means that it’s not the best choice for everyone, but it’s still a decent buy for anyone on a budget.

Battery life: The Google Pixelbook Go has impressive battery life, and our test unit ran out after 11 hours and 14 minutes – just a couple of minutes shy of the 12-hour mark. This is more than satisfactory and falls in line with Google’s promise of 12 hours of battery life. Moreover, it’s a rare feat for a laptop at the time of release. This is a testament to how companies have tuned the hardware and software to work in unison.

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Google Pixelbook Go Review 2022

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly laptop, you should consider the Google Pixelbook Go, which is now available for $199. Despite its attractive price, it’s not an ideal tablet. It has a touchscreen, but its capabilities are limited. It doesn’t have a keyboard, and it doesn’t have the ability to run Mac apps. That said, it does run some Android games, and is more versatile than a typical Chromebook.

The Pixelbook Go’s battery life is impressive, generating over two hours of battery life after just 20 minutes of charging. That means that it’s nearly indestructible in terms of battery life. Its clean install of Chrome OS makes it easy to use and is also affordable. The screen is bright and colorful, and it offers long battery life. However, it doesn’t fold like a tablet, so you’ll still need to use a charging cord for long hours.

Google pixelbook 12in

In our Google pixelbook 12in, we’ll talk about what makes this convertible laptop stand out from the crowd. Its top-notch performance and impressive battery life make it an excellent option for everyday use. While it’s not the best choice for heavy photo editing or gaming, it offers an incredible user experience and is priced competitively with other top-notch Chromebooks. In addition to being a powerful laptop, it features a slim convertible design, a pen that is included, and excellent Google assistant support.

This ultraportable laptop’s keyboard is still a huge plus. It’s leagues ahead of most midrange laptops and comes with dedicated ChromeOS hotkeys. While it’s difficult to describe exactly what each key does on the keyboard, there are a handful of shortcuts you can use to make it even easier to use. For instance, if you want to switch between Mac and Windows applications, you can quickly access a specific shortcut by hitting Ctrl+Alt+Alt+Tab.


A Google Pixelbook Go is a thin, light 13-inch laptop designed for media consumption and dual-app experience. The device has a 16.9-inch rounded display with a textured bottom for easier grip and is one of the lightest 13-inch Chromebooks on the market. Its magnesium-alloy frame provides rigidity, and despite being a new device, there’s little sign of flex, even after two years of use. As a result, the durability of the Pixelbook Go has been exemplary.

For its price, the Pixelbook Go offers a great value. It has long battery life and is more refined than other Chromebooks. It has two USB-C ports and can run most popular Android apps, including Google Docs, but it’s lacking the fingerprint reader located near the backlit keyboard. It also lacks the ability to run traditional stand-alone programs. Although it has two USB-C ports, you’ll need to buy a USB-C to-C adapter if you want to use the device with external devices.


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