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Funny and realistic prank you can do with your father


Everyone feels that doing any type of prank with a father is a very big thing. Because he is a person who does a lot of things for you and your family. He is not the same age as you, so you can do any type of prank. But if your father is someone who is ok with your prank then you can try any prank with him. But what you have to think, that you never cross the line, in the prank also. There are a lot of pranks, which idea you may get in your mind. The prank idea which you get to see or know, through many things. Whether by searching on the internet, social media, television, and many other things also. So remember this, and after that only you plan a prank for your father. But what you have to remember, that whatever prank you do with your father, that prank must be simple. So do this thing, think about that prank which you think is going to be very funny and anything serious isn’t going to happen also. When you get that prank, do that prank with your father. 

Car crash 

Everybody knows that the father is someone for whom money and things are two very important things. Your father also has this type of thinking, then what you can do with him. You can have a prank with him, related to his car. You can say that you crash the birthday gift also with the car. What you can do, you can get his car for some work, and after some time you went to him. Then tell him that you crashed his car. If you make it more realistic than what you can do, you can give a steering wheel to him also. Which you can get from any vehicle repairing shop, so get it and give it to your father. Your father is going to be angry with you in this case. So you have to take care of it when you have to tell your father that you are playing a prank on him. So do this car crash prank on your father. 

Change of time 

If your father is a person that does everything according to his routine, then what can you do with him?. You can change the time, whether of the clock or gadget, which your father uses for seeing the time. So what happens with it, that if your father wakes up at 7 am, then your father gets to wake up early from that time. It can be one or two hours early, or whatever time you set in the clock. So when this happens with your father, then your father is going to be confused. Because he found that there is dark outside, and how can it be darkness at this time. So this can be a funny prank for your father. 

Bald prank 

What you can do, you can do a bald prank with your father. What you have to do, you just need to place the white tape on your eyebrow or eyelashes. You can also buy carnations online for your father because you made a prank on him.  You should go to your father and show this look to him, and he is going to have a very weird reaction to it. Because your father is not going to like this look of yours, so this prank can be a good one for your prank. 

Family heirloom 

Every family has some heirloom, which is very important for the family. Your family must have this type of family heirloom, so what you can do you can plan a prank with the family heirloom. So what you need to do is, you say to your father, that you misplace the family heirloom. Your father is not going to forgive you for this thing when becomes angry at you. Then you can tell him that you are just playing a prank on him. So do this family heirloom prank on your father. 

When a child thinks of doing a prank with his father, then there are many things which the child has to think about before he does any prank with the father. Because this is a very sensitive case and he is a sensitive person also. If you are thinking of doing a prank with your father, then you have to think about this thing also. That whatever prank you do with your father, that doesn’t hurt him, not only physically and especially emotionally. Because if this happens, then no one is there to save you from him.


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