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Follow this Comprehensive Enterprise SaaS SEO 2022 Guide


Do you have a SaaS-based enterprise?

If yes, then you might be facing an increased set of competition, lower profit margins, and a longer sales cycle in 2021. Especially, after the onslaught of Covid-19, you might be shrinking with a client list.

Are we right on this?

In case, we are, then you will be needing concrete SaaS company-based SEO services and strategy to complete well.

This is because of the fact that 63% of the software as service-based companies thrive more organic traffic. It is the reason that enterprises like Hubspot, Drift, Shopify, and more are investing millions in search engine-based strategies every year.

So, do not look behind the difficult time experienced during the uncertain period of the pandemic.

Time is to look forward and refer to our comprehensive SaaS company based SEO strategy working efficiently in 2021.

4 Steps to Build an Effective SaaS Enterprise SEO Strategy

Here in this article, we have distilled 4 essential SEO strategies offered by pioneering marketing experts. You can refer to the same and implement it in your enterprise to rank high and generate more leads.

Step 1: Editorial Calendar Based on High-Traffic Keywords

If we have to best describe this step in one line, then it would be like the following

“Select high-value keywords to create the best piece of content and schedule it accordingly”.

For a result-oriented SEO strategy, you first need to create an editorial calendar to organize your content in a sequential manner. The other purpose is to stay consistent in the eyes of users.

To achieve a high-domain rating on the search engine page result, your SaaS company SEO calendar should be based on the following valuables.

1. Webpage Type: The editorial calendar should have high-value keywords linked to the search intent keywords. For a SaaS-based website, the keywords mainly target the service mentioned in the header menu.

2. Value Rank: It should not be high-performing keywords to include in the calendar. Rather, it is more about relevancy. Choose to have the keywords that bring maximum importance to your SEO campaign and rank high. Moreover, regularly review the ranking and make changes in keywords, if required.

3. Targetted Audience: The audience for a SaaS-based company is altogether different as compared to B2C business. Each service is dedicated to different sections of clients. Thus, the target audience can be of diverse nature and the strategy must be dynamic.

Step 2: Informative Yet Persuasive Piece of Keyword Rich Content

SaaS companies generate leads more on the basis of relevant information supplied on websites and other marketing channels. In fact, 80% of the business decisions have been made based on persuasive, technically rich, and solution-driven copy.

The SEO-related emphasis must build more on high-level content with a sort of technically involved language. It means the content should demonstrate simple solutions to complex issues, write more informative content, and optimize conversions.

In short, thought leadership, solutions to problems, and learning should be the focus of the Saas company content. And, the same should be included in the SEO strategy.

Step 3: Measure the Results

Conversions in software companies are more on the SEO side as compared to traditional marketing. Apart from creating thought-provoking and informative content, you also need deep-level analysis.

Tracking and analyzing your SEO tactics helps you achieve the following objectives:

* Test the existing CTA’s to understand which are underrated and which one best resonates with converted clients.

* Track your ranking to analyze the loopholes and make necessary altercations.

* Assess things like bounce rate, page views, and conversion rate allow you to see from where the traffic is coming from.

The data-based approach works for all to understand the current state of the platform. Also, know the reasons for users drifting back away from your side, successful pages, and any loopholes.

Step 4: Analyze Data for Futuristic Marketing

Undoubtedly, data is the key decision-maker in a software-as-a-service based organization. You need to have the relevant data collected from the well-executed SEO plan to find the gaps.

As already said, data is the foundation of the success or failure of your marketing campaign. By analyzing the same, you tend to realise, where exactly you went wrong and where it happened as per the expectation.

This step helps you create flexibility and scalability in decision making. Make changes, when required to change the approach for futuristic success ahead.


The marketing approach for a SaaS company is altogether different from a product-based organization. Here, both quality and length matter the most to provide valuable solutions to people and rank high. All you need is a strategic, well-framed, and futuristic SEO strategy for SaaS organizations.

Simply fulfil it all by availing profitable SEO services in India from a pioneering expert. Refer to the above-mentioned points while discussing your strategy with the aim. Doing the same will give you a clear picture of what is included and whatnot. It is something you need to do at this point of growing competition and less attention grabbed from the targeted audience.

Fuel4Media Technologies is a well-known Digital Marketing and Web Development company in India with expertise in UX/UI, branding, app/web/eCommerce design, development, and digital marketing. We use a combination of strategic thinking, experienced professionals, and advanced technologies to help our clients accelerate their business. We work for any size businesses in any industry and use the best practices in the market to bring real values.


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