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Famous Tourist Spot To Visit In Spain In 2022


A country renowned for its various and vivid landscape, unrivaled architecture, and undying love for food. Spain tends to grow on people who visit it. As a nation taking pride in its vibrant culture and reveling in the straightforward pleasures of life. Spain could be a must-visit destination for each travel, culture, and art enthusiast in the world.

If we are honest, the best places to go to in Spain are mesmerizing & spellbinding in that they provide the impression of a romantic dream. Without further ado, start planning, book delta airlines reservations, and save up to 45% off on every flight till the last minute. To help you out, allow us to disclose the names of those places to go to in Spain:


This is the place, of course, to set out your Spain vacation. The capital town of Madrid is one of the most important places to go to in Spain because of a variety of reasons. The third most populated city in Europe, Madrid has an essence that’s cosmopolitan in each sense. Whereas its royal palaces and wide boulevards provide off an old-world elegance, as you progress up to neighborhoods like Lavapiés, you start realizing how fashion-forward and classy this city is.


Another immense favorite with visitors in Spain, Barcelona is the city of architectural marvels, beautiful Mediterranean beaches, and lip-smacking food. Truth be told, it’s the town to be in for any history or architecture buff. La Manzana American state la Discordia could be a block where you may notice structures by Barcelona’s four most important Modernista architects, together with Antoni Gaudi’s Casa Batlló. 

San Sebastian

A charming town on the Bay of Biscay, San Sebastian could be a heaven for food lovers. Pintxos in San Sebastian could be a Basque version of tapas (small portions of any Spanish cuisine) and includes morsels of food on bread crusts. The bars of Old Town during this city usually layout pintxos on their bar tops for folks to see what their offerings are.


Located in Southern Spain, Seville is the Andalusian capital that despite being quaint is very exuberant. Well, widely popular for its flourishing Flamenco culture. Seville offers a lot to see and experience to its tourists. You’ll wander through the narrow streets of Old Town soaking within the city’s vibe, or take a refreshing stroll through the Guadalquivir river esplanade.


Situated at the foothills of Sierra Nevada, Granada is an ancient town recognized for snow-capped peaks, ancient fortresses, and cobbled curving streets. Granada is also popular for having served because of the last holdout throughout the Reconquista for Islamic Spain. Alhambra, a surprising fort-palace complicated considered as the zenith of Moorish architecture, is also settled here.


Another popular tourist place in Spain, Valencia could be a town that elegantly mixes the 2 factors of archaic and contemporaneity. Paella, one of the foremost favorite dishes in Spain is believed to have originated here. This coastal town is additionally home to the revolutionary City of Arts and Science, a structure that attracts a lot of tourists to Valencia.


Regarded as the most important city in the Middle Ages throughout the Moorish rule. Cordoba is among the best places to visit in Spain primarily due to the world-famous Mezquita. Also referred to as the Grand Mosque of Cordoba, it’s among the best Islamic structures in the world that show the delicate and developed cultures that had thrived around a millennium before.

Final Words

These Spain’s best attractions won’t let you down. Are you ready to have the experiences to make your Europe holiday the best trip of your life! Book your trip to Spain with AirlinesMap and customize your travel itinerary itself. Do tell us in the comments below about your experience!


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