Want to Publish Your Content Online? Top Blogging Platforms to Earn Online!


Do you want to master the art of content writing? Or perhaps, you want to pursue content writing as your professional career. Or are you a newbie in content writing? You have landed the right place. The article provides you with comprehensive information regarding the best online platforms available for blogging that you can utilize to earn money.

Significance of Content Writing

Many article writing services are working in the industry and already are established. In such a competitive market, it is not easy at all to rock the stage. However, some basic knowledge of the market trends and the ability to remain adaptive to trends and innovation will help you achieve your goals seamlessly.

Content writing for the web is an amazing and the most prominent way to earn a sound income online. Many aspiring individuals and talented students have found reliable sources to generate income through the field of content writing. There are a number of people who have made content or copywriting – including article writing and blogging their full-time work. However, to remain successful you must come up with good, original, unique, and quality content.

If you also want to be a blog or article writer, then you need to have good knowledge about online blog and article writing websites that outsource their project or work to freelance content writers. There are numerous popular, user-friendly, and easily accessible content writing websites available online that you can approach to begin with your career as a professional blog writer.

Delve into the article to explore top blog writing websites that you must consider.

  • Medium

One of the most widely-used online blogging platforms Medium remains to prosper as it draws writers, publishers, and businesses into its ranks. With a simple, interactive, and user-friendly content management system. In addition to that, the platform offers analytics at your fingertips as well as password-free login to the website. Such features enable users to come back often to update content as well as post new content.

Like other popular websites such as WordPress, Medium has an active readership as well as a large built-in audience. Moreover, the platform provides some additional tools as well. Such as users – using their import tool can easily repost their personal blog posts from another site on Medium. The tool is easy to use and manage also brings in text from other sites.

Additionally, it also helps bring a canonical tag to make search engines recognize it is not plagiarized content. With Medium, you have an amazing opportunity to post your content online and make it reach a larger audience without any obstacles.

  • Tumblr

You may have heard about Tumblr many times. Or perhaps, people around you may often talk about one of the most prominent online sites to publish different types of content. Tumblr isn’t new at all. Rather, the site is in limelight for years.

The site is the favorite child of social media and regular blogs, sways in millions of registered free accounts. The blogging site is ideal for those who use to write a little long from Instagram and a little short from traditional blogging.

The platform gets a thumbs up for simplicity in features available on the site and ease of use. It is also ideal for mobile blogging. So, if you are a mobile or smartphone user then the site is for you. you can easily and quickly switch between accounts. Moreover, readers are also able to leave a comment on your posts as well as can re-share them.

While using Tumblr, you can attract people through your posts. However, you may not be able to have flexibility in terms of design. Nevertheless, you can create your short posts using a visual element of your choice. This will help catch people’s attention seamlessly.

  • Jekyll

If you are a professional writer and have the experience you must experience Ruby programming. In such a case, you would be amazed to know that Jekyll is really an influential online blogging site. The site is highly customizable offering a user-friendly interface to its users.

Along with the various learning opportunities available to users through this platform, you can’t ignore the price. Surprising is the site generator is free for users. In addition to that, users can also publish content on GitHub without paying a dollar.

Moreover, the platform after taking your text files, transform them into an attractive template and design a website ready for uploading. In Jekyll, unlike traditional websites, you have complete control over every feature. It may range from layouts to pagination to the themes as well as other creative options. You have an exceptional opportunity to modify or transform your website the way you want to do so.

  • Ghost

Similar to the popular website WordPress, Ghost offers writing on its site. It offers a downloadable version as well to its users so they can install it to their own self-hosted site. The site offers a large number of themes, plugins, custom domains, templates, and widgets to its users. However, the website is just for writing and publishing content. It enables users to create magazines and publications firmly on open-source software.

Have you ever used WordPress? If yes, then you must be aware of the fact that there are limited themes and plug-ins available. however, unlike WordPress, Ghost provides unlimited plug-ins and themes to its users. In addition to that, you can also upload your own, make them engaging and unique and create an attractive copy. The platform along with other essential features offers built-in SEO tools to the users as well.

Final Verdict

If you are new to content writing, then you must be looking for ways to create a good reputation online as well as make money. There are many ways to do so. However, creating captivating content on the most popular online websites is the go-to solution. The aforementioned are a few widely-used content writing websites that you must consider to start off with your journey.

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