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Trends to Change the Small Business Landscape in 2022


As 2021 folded, a new year has come for business-minded aspirants to try their luck in the industry. Modern technologies are emerging and capable of helping small businesses to grow and be efficient in their operations in almost every aspect. Indeed, leveraging small business software into your internal processes can bring the best out of you.

The likes of 5G cellular networks and artificial intelligence (AI) will continue to increase in 2022, given their impressive benefits. Other trends like software unification and cybersecurity may gain traction as well. 

Experts suggest that these are the most significant technology-related changes capable of changing the small business landscape this year:

Artificial Intelligence

Since their implementation and adoption as solutions for small businesses, AI technologies have gained popularity through the years. As new AIs come into sight, more opportunities not limited to voice assistants and personalized customer experiences will also rise – giving small businesses more chances to innovate.

Salesforce Executive Vice President and small business and essentials general manager Meredith Schmidt believed that more small businesses would likely integrate AI. Today’s artificial tech wasn’t for large enterprises usage only. 

He added that it would help small-time businesses to personalize experiences for their customers through automation of manual tasks and to optimize time. Moreover, AI can make operations more efficient to solve the insufficient time challenge encountered by 55 percent of small businesses found by Salesforce.

Continuous Growth of 5G

Aside from AI, one may call a small business SEO company to help their 5G tech adoption. 5G boasts faster data transmission speeds than its 4G predecessor. It gained prominence last 2019 and, until now, continues to serve many businesses in their best interest. Cell phone manufacturer Huawei even praised the promise of 5G, stating that it is faster than 4G LTE and has little to no delay in transferring data.

5G networks are also advancements for developing the Internet of Things (IoT) and support the influx of interconnected smart devices.

Software Unification

Tech solutions are becoming norms in the modern workplace. When your business needs to connect with teams, there is Slack. Sending essential documents comes by using Outlook, and for managing customers, Salesforce exists. Google Drive stores company information while Basecamp is for planning projects purposes. chief executive officer (CEO) and co-founder Roy Mann predicted that breakthrough integration platforms would link multiple platforms at once, allowing seamless communication to become possible, in connection with the trend that catapulted in 2021. For him, unification can save business time as such a trend can help change customer info simultaneously across platforms.

Comprehensive HR Tech

The new coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is the reason behind the increasing demand for comprehensive human resources (HR) software. Such plays a crucial role in tracking company employees and their needs.

Although 2021 ended, its importance will still be prevalent in 2022. Hibob Chief Marketing Officer Rhiannon Staples shared that the shift to remote work had changed businesses, citing productivity, engagement, two-way communication, employee development, and culture as indicators of monumental turnarounds. 

Given such circumstances, Staples also said that centralized HR information systems would have a critical mission to accomplish during this time. 

On the other hand, HR techs are beyond record systems only. In reality, HR leaders are starting to recognize its relevance to assist them in creating a system of engagement. Staples stated that employees expect and deserve more. Thus, centralized systems are a valuable asset to businesses, on top of mere reliance on Excel charts or antiquated HR systems.

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