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Easy Planning Ideas for a Glamping Bachelorette Party


If one of your close friends or loved ones is getting married soon, you may be responsible for planning the bachelorette party. If the bride-to-be loves glamping, you can plan a fun getaway to celebrate this wonderful time in your friend’s life. Here are a few easy planning ideas for a glamping bachelorette party that will ensure the bride and her squad have a glamorous time camping! Happy planning!

Choose a Cozy Cabin

Glamping is a combination of enjoying the outdoors while living in the lap of luxury. Therefore, choose a cozy cabin close to places for activities or near a state park.

For instance, if you’re camping in Louisiana, choose a cabin near calming waters and nature hikes. There are several campgrounds that are close to places such as museums, swamp tours, and restaurants.

A cabin will allow you to unwind in style, but also enjoy nature and take time to bond. Check the weather at your preferred destination before making your reservations.

Pamper the Bride

Glamping is glamorous camping. It’s best to plan outdoor activities that are engaging without being too rugged. For instance, you can schedule a wine tasting at a nearby vineyard. This is a great way for the bridal party to celebrate. Purchase a few bottles to take back to the cabin to continue the fun.

To continue with the glamping theme, have a mini yoga retreat. Hire a yoga instructor to come to the cabin to lead you through some fun poses. This is ideal for relieving stress. The guest of honor will likely appreciate the calming and relaxing activity.

It’s also a good idea to schedule spa-like activities such as facials or massages. You can ask that the specialist perform these services outside. This way the guests can take in the beauty of nature while getting customized beauty treatments.

Schedule Outdoor Activities

Schedule activities that will allow the bride-to-be to enjoy the outdoors before coming back to the cabin.

Ask a tour guide to take you on a nature hike. You can look for birds and plants that are native to the area. You can also schedule kayaking or canoeing classes for exciting water fun. Twilight nature hikes and tubing activities are available on some campsites and will make this celebratory weekend even more exciting.

Other bonding activities include cooking a meal by the campfire. Select recipes that include some of the bride’s favorite ingredients. Create a playlist of her favorite songs for everyone to enjoy as they prepare the meal together.

You can also have a dance party or karaoke night during dinner. Everyone can show off their musical talents while enjoying a delicious meal. You can even make simple yet delicious snacks that everyone will enjoy, such as s’mores, trail mix, or campfire nachos.

Time around the campfire will likely open the floor up for heartfelt conversations and touching tributes for the bride-to-be.

Don’t Forget the Party Favors

Make sure that everyone remembers the glamping bachelorette party by sending them home with favors that match the theme of the event. Order personalized water bottles with each party guest’s name along with the date of the upcoming wedding. You can also give guests customized fanny packs. Camping koozies are also a practical party favor that everyone can use while enjoying hot drinks around the campfire.

Since you’ll be glamping, flannel shirts or pajamas are a great idea for party favors as well. Color coordinate for a fun touch!


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