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Top nine e-waste recycling suggestions


What should you do with your old PCs and televisions?

We love our new technology, and India are among the world’s biggest buyers, but what happens to the old when we replace it? TechCollect encourages you to consider what you’ll do with the old computers, printers, and televisions you’ve replaced or upgraded. We don’t want e-waste recycling to wind up in landfill since. It is rising three times faster than any other sort of waste in India.

Here are our top ten e-waste recycling tips

  1. One in-two out: While most e-waste is disposed of in landfills, much more is stored in cabinets, garages, spare rooms, and shelves across India, implying. That we must continue to mine our soil rather than recycling. All the valuable resources available above ground in outdated technology. As a result, commit to recycling two unwanted pieces of technology for every new piece you welcome into your house; we call this the “1-2 rule,” or “one-in, two-out.”
  2. Keep your data safe: Always wipe important or personal files from your computer before taking it to any e-waste recycling service.
  3. Packaging pollutes the environment: In 2012, Indians disposed of nearly 1.6 million tonnes of packaging, or 36% of the total 4.4 million tonnes we produced. So, don’t forget to dispose of the cardboard box and any plastic packing. That arrived with your new purchase or that you saved from your previous one with care.
  4. Make a note in your calendar: Make a note in your family calendar to collect and dispose of all of your home e-waste once a year. If not twice a year.
  5. Make contact with your local government: To discover if your e-waste will be accepted.
  6. Resurrected relics: When handled by a top-notch recycling service like Swachh Bharat. Over 90% of the basic elements contained in a computer. Such as metals (including precious metals), glass, and plastic, can be recycled or re-used (free of charge to you).
  7. Bring it to work with you: Take your recycling and reuse inspiration to work, not your e-waste! Consider how you can influence e-waste recycling in your workplace if you work for a small business. Which accounts for just over half of Australian workers. For example, pool resources and make one trip to your nearest Swachh Bharat collection site with everyone’s home and office e-waste (it’s free).
  8. tangled in knots: Even if they’re all twisted up in a drawer and you don’t know which cable goes to which gadget. Swachh bharat will recycle those odd power wires from your old TV, computer, printer, or accessory.
  9. Return the favour: Give your computer or television to a family member or friend if it is still in good working order. Encourage your friends and family to participate and take ownership of their electronic garbage. Collect your grandparents’ or parents’ e-waste and make sure. It is recycled appropriately to set an example for those who may need it.

Why should electronic waste be recycled?

E-waste output might be up to three times that of regular household rubbish. It may contain dangerous, difficult-to-dispose-of materials like lead, mercury, cadmium, hexavalent chromium, and brominated fire retardants. All of which are hazardous, difficult to dispose of, and possibly harmful to the environment.

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