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Does Your Child Have a Double Row of “Shark Teeth?” Ask San Diego Dentist


Children’s oral health is important to us, so we love it when parents are concerned about it. Children often ask about the “shark teeth” that pop out behind their baby teeth. Shark teeth are a common ordeal during the early stages of an infant’s oral development. The development of shark teeth occurs when the baby teeth are intact, while the permanent ones emerge. As a result, children and parents often have to deal with a double row of teeth. What causes shark teeth to grow? How do we treat them? Let’s find out!

Why Do Some Kids Have Shark Teeth?

A permanent tooth usually develops beneath a baby tooth. A temporary tooth root is gradually dissolved out when the permanent teeth are ready to grow in. As a result, the baby tooth eventually becomes loose and falls out. Your child’s permanent tooth should occupy the same position in their mouth as their baby tooth.

The baby tooth root may remain solid while the permanent one is forming in some cases. The permanent tooth still needs a place to be when the baby tooth roots don’t dissolve. The baby tooth erupts through the gums on the backside of the gum line. Ectopic eruption is the medical term for this process.

It frequently occurs in children who do not have enough room in their mouth to accommodate the adult teeth. Other causes can also play a role. Is there anything parents can do?

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What Can Be Done About Shark Teeth?

You should not be concerned about shark teeth as a parent as this condition is quite common and is quite treatable.

You must decide how to handle shark teeth depending on how loose they are. Ask your child to wiggle it with their tongue several times a day if it is even slightly loose. Over time, it will gradually come out. In most cases, the baby tooth eventually falls out on its own, and the permanent one takes its place.

If, however, the temporary tooth does not become loose and feels solid, schedule an appointment with the San Diego Dentist. Let the professionals take a look. A dentist can recommend the best course of action for your child. Baby teeth can be extracted or simply allowed to fall out naturally.

What Happens If I Do Nothing?

Sometimes, if your child’s baby tooth doesn’t fall out in time, the gums will attach very low to the permanent tooth. In this case, gingival recession may occur. As your child gets older, he or she may need a gum graft to treat this condition.

When your dentist recommends removing your baby teeth, you should not be concerned. Due to the roots of temporary teeth being shorter than those of adult teeth, this will be relatively easy for your child. Thus, your dentist will have an easier time removing them.

However, it is recommended that your child be explained the process by a kid-friendly dentist. You don’t have to worry about your child being scared because they simplify the process into simple steps. Last but not least, children are prone to developing shark teeth, which tend to be quite easy to remove. We can help, so don’t hesitate to contact us. We’d love to assist you!

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