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Do-it-yourself video surveillance in the children’s room


A child is the most valuable thing in the life of any parent, so safety is given special attention. Video surveillance helps you keep track of what is happening with your child, even when you are away from him. It allows parents to be calm, and in case of emergency, quickly respond and take action to protect their baby.

Why do you need video surveillance in the nursery?
At home, relatives themselves protect the child from everything that can harm. But there are times when a nanny, one of the relatives or, for example, an older brother remains with the child. In this case, many controversial situations can arise in which it is not clear who is right and who is wrong. Video recording will allow you to resolve disputes, respond in time, and provide assistance. Here are the main reasons why a camera is needed in a child’s room:

Peace of mind for parents. Now there are cameras, the image from which is displayed on the smartphone of parents. No matter where you are, on the screen of your phone you can see what the child is playing, he is doing well and calmly go on with his own business.
Operational help. When a parent sees a force majeure situation on the screen, he can quickly call the nanny or whoever is with the child at the moment and quickly help make the right decision.
Restoration of justice. Sometimes children like to embellish, telling about the time spent in a different light. Parents, believing the child, can draw the wrong conclusions. Video recording allows you to quickly resolve any contentious issue. It shows who pushed whom or not pushed. Nanny was rude or not. Whether they tried to help the child or were indifferent.
Time for mom. The child will rest, play on his own, while the mother will have time to do important things, always controlling her baby remotely.
Camera options: what are the differences
For video surveillance, you can use different types of cameras, there are three of them: webcams , analog cameras , IP cameras .

Webcam Canyon CNE-CWC1 1 799 *
Webcams are the cheapest but most inconvenient option. The webcam is connected to the computer using a wire, the length of which is not large. The extension cord must be pulled and hidden in the cable channel so that the wires do not hang on the walls. A video transfer program such as Skype must be installed on the PC. You also need an internet connection on your computer.

To broadcast, you need to turn on the computer, go into the program and make a call to the parent. While these two devices are connected, the parent can see what is happening in the nursery. As soon as one of the devices is disconnected, the connection will be interrupted, and the entire connection procedure will have to be carried out again. This is irrational, as it requires additional time and effort. To make a recording, you need another program, in which it is also necessary to carry out some manipulations each time in order for the recording to start.

Analog camera Rexant 45-0131
Analog cameras are a budget option that is easy to mount. For such cameras, you also need a registrar (a device with which you can save recordings and broadcast them to other devices). Such cameras do not have the highest resolution. This means that when you zoom in, the picture will be blurry. The DVR has a certain amount of memory that cannot be expanded, only buy a new one. Installation takes place with the help of cables that must be carried out and hidden so that they do not spoil the appearance of the room.

IP-камера Xiaomi Home Security Camera QDJ4058GL 3 199 *
Digital IP cameras are a more modern option with additional options. You don’t need a registrar to use it. The recording takes place on the built-in memory cards or in the “cloud” (a folder on the Google Drive server, Yandex disk), and is transferred to a PC or smartphone via Wi-Fi. The quality of the picture in digital cameras is better than in analog ones. The device memory can be expanded with a larger SD card. These cameras work autonomously over the network and do not require a huge amount of wiring.

Important features for cameras in the children’s room

Recordings can be stored in the memory of devices from several days to several weeks or even months. For a children’s room at home, it is necessary to be able to store at least a week’s records. You can reduce the number of unnecessary recordings by setting scheduled recording or motion recording. With 24-hour recording, the memory fills up very quickly.

For a child’s room, a microphone to the camera is absolutely necessary, since communication is an important moment in the upbringing and interaction with the child. The cause of conflicts is just the inaccurate use of the word. The microphone can be built into the camera, or you can buy it separately. But then you will need to additionally mount it.

Some camera models have two-way communication, that is, you can not only hear those who are in the room, but also talk to them. According to the technical parameters, a camera with a matrix of 1-2 megapixels will suffice. You can easily recognize children’s faces and see small items when you get close.

IP camera for a children’s room: how to set it up
It is better to install the camera in the corner under the ceiling on the side of the window. If you hang cameras in front of the window, then the sun will illuminate the picture: in the daytime, you can hardly see what is happening.

If the room is square or rectangular, then one chamber is enough. If there are niches in which a child can also play, then it is worth putting more cameras, directing them to these places.

To watch records from the archives or watch what is happening online, you need to connect the camera to the Internet via Wi-Fi or a recorder connected to the Internet. The distance from the camera to the router should be no more than 90 meters. Install the appropriate viewer software on your PC or smartphone.

Do-it-yourself video surveillance system connection
Take a LAN cable (Ethernet cable) and use it to connect the IP camera to a router or router. Here we mean that the Internet has already been installed in the room in which the camera is installed and there is this same router.
Remove the software disc that came with the camera. Install the program on your computer.
Check the operation of the camera on the local network. To do this, on a computer that is connected to the local Internet, do the following: Open any browser (Chrome, Opera, Mozilla, etc.) and type or in the line. A page with your router settings should open. If it didn’t work out, then you need to check on the router case, by phone with an Internet provider or via the Internet IP for the settings of your router model.To enter your personal account, enter the login and password admin / admin. If you did not change anything yourself, then by default they are just that. Go to the settings in the list of connected devices. Find your camera there by its model. Copy its IP address. Paste it into the next browser tab. If the camera page opens, it means that it has been successfully connected.
We go into the program installed on the computer. Enter the data in the Wi-Fi settings section. You may just need to check everything, since in many cases everything is connected automatically. If not, then enter the data from the browser window.

We install the application that the developer recommends for viewing archive records or online broadcasts. You can also install applications from other developers, which even in the free version have good functionality: Axxon Next (one week archive limit), Line (1 TB recording limit) and Ivideon (one camera limit).
One IP camera requires 10 Mbps leased line and approximately 70-120 GB of hard disk space to store data for two weeks.

Explain to your child that video surveillance is for security, not surveillance. Do not scold once again over trifles and do not cling to everything that you saw on the camera. Remember, there are no perfect people. Children misbehave, nannies get tired, and they are all living people.



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