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Different Styles of Art That Are Popular


We all know what we love and hate when it comes to Art. Also, when roaming an art gallery, we all are familiar with what challenges we need to face. These are the ones that we often stare at the longest. It might be possible that we necessarily like them, and it captures our attention and gets us thinking. Thus, famous abstract products have value. 

So, when we decide on works of Art to decorate our own homes, we can choose from the styles of Art we love the most. However, it doesn’t mean that we abruptly box ourselves in. It simply means knowing more about finding the best Art you are going to love the most. 

If you know, you will surely love Abstract, and it makes it easier to look at. Hence, if you don’t know the difference between Abstract and the others, you might get stuck. If you have been an art scholar, it is completely understandable not to know the ins and outs of various art styles. 

So, to help you further, we have put together nine styles that will always be popular. 

1: Abstract

So, let’s begin with the trickiest one! If you are a literal person, then abstract paintings are often hard to get your head around as they don’t depict anything real- It doesn’t depict a person, a place, or a thing. 

Thus, artists paint colors, shapes, and gestural marks such as a stroke of paint or even a seemingly random splash to achieve its effect. The word Abstract strictly speaking means separating or withdrawing something from someone else. They say abstract art is not figurative art, and it could be based on a subject or may have no source in the external world. 

2: Modern

If you ever plan to visit the Museum of Modern Art, you will know how beautiful modern Art can be. You also need more than one day to appreciate all that is present over there fully. 

Modern artworks from traditional techniques and styles and most of the Art refers to a period in time rather than a type of Art. However, it is often tricky to define. The Art states that modern Art is characterized by the artist’s intent to portray a subject as it exists in the world. 

Most modern artists shunned the rational world that came before it and instead had a spirit of experimentation. Modern Art embraces strong colors, lines and form-applying a fresh perspective to every aspect of existence.

3: Impressionist

It is often considered the first modern painting movement, and impressionism was mainly developed as a formal art practice. It celebrates the use of light and brushwork in order to convey the very essence of a subject. Essentially, it tells a story without relying on realistic depictions. 

According to Art Movements, impressionist artists incorporated new scientific research into the physics of color and achieved a more exact representation of color and tone. Also, it was more about the artist’s perception of the subject matter rather than the subject matter itself. Remember, the beauty of storytelling is subjective

4: Pop Art

Even though it emerges, Pop art is so fun today that everyone of all age groups loves it. It makes a great addition to a teenager’s room and a women’s retreat or a man cave. It really does speak a language that crosses generations. 

Pop art often uses popular culture imagery and mass media such as news, advertising, movie stars, and comic books. In its early days, it presented a challenge to fine art, and today’s pop art draws inspiration from that era and can provide fun and color. 

5: Cubism

One can talk about or can write about cubism all day, but in the end, you will learn much more about this style of Art by viewing it. Thus, to garner it, a full appreciation needs to be done, and make sure to check out Cubism gallery. 

When thinking of cubism, we all think about Pablo Picasso, and despite appearing abstract in form, it is a style of realism. Remember, art history highlights cubism in three main ingredients: geometricity, simultaneity, and passage. 

Most of the artists tackle the fourth dimension, which is why cubism pieces often feature the same subject from various angles. It is a quest for meaning and understanding, pointing out the world is now how it seems. Due to this reason, cubism often features so much color and so much life. 

6: Surrealism

What came first to mind was the word of the artistic movement, and either way, today, the word surreal is synonymous with the term weird. And that’s often a great way to describe this art form. However, in this case, the term weird is good. 

Surrealism is a form of expression that surpasses realism. This takes real objects and places them in unreal situations. Also, it is free of consciousness and convention, and it is like living in the dream. 

7: Contemporary

While modern refers to a period, the term contemporary is all about new. Also, it’s a style that is forever changing because it is the style of the present. Contemporary Art is essentially the making of new Art but can refer to what’s been made in the last 6 months to a year. 

It might also stretch from ten years. If you want to simplify this, it essentially refers to Art created in lifetimes. Most people love to feature contemporary arts by utilizing the latest digital and rendering techniques. 

Much of its abstract pieces look stunning in newly built or renovated homes. It also features plenty of colors and can bring an otherwise minimalist room alive. 

8: Fantasy

If talking about Fantasy art, it has its origins in folk art created many centuries ago. Fantasy art was born out of the literary world and was mainly used to illustrate narratives. 

Both adults and children love fantasy art, and it is all about escaping into magical, mythical lands. The fantasy collection evolves magical wilderness, unicorns, dragons, and plenty of forest and sea spirits. Besides, Fantasy art brings a sense of romance to master a bedroom and adds wonder to a child’s bedroom. 

9: Graffiti

Generally painted on public walls, graffiti is continuously developing a popular art form. And it ranges from slogans and words to details and colorful wall paintings. It is often considered vandalism when it gets produced on properties without authorization.


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