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Dealing With Low Water Pressure In Your Home



Common plumbing problems in aged homes frequently revolve around low water pressure, but the problem can also occur in newer homes. Low water pressure can appear suddenly or sluggishly worsen over time, depending on the cause. Whatever the reason, low water pressure makes it harder to do things like wash your clothes and shower at the same time, so dealing with the problem correctly can really make your daily life easier and better in the short-term.

What causes the issue? 

Low water pressure has many possible causes. A water main break can reduce pressure at the point where water enters your home’s lot and water system; this could be the problem if your neighbors are also suddenly passing low water pressure. That same loss of pressure occurs if a pipe leaks inside your home. Turn off all pipes, check your water flow and pressure and stay a many hours without using water to check for leaks. However, you presumably have a leak, If you change your water cadence. Another possible cause is mineral and deposition buildup in pipes or in gate aerators and shower heads. That buildup slows the inflow of water, performing in low pressure.

How to fix low water pressure?

If you suppose buildup is the problem, start with the aerators or shower heads where you’re having water pressure problems. Undo the connection end of the gate to clean it. Soak the aerator in vinegar overnight to loosen the buildup. However, you can also put the vinegar in a plastic bag, ff you can not remove the aerator or shower head. Tie the bag around the gate to allow the aerator or shower head to sit in the result. Other difficulties frequently bear the help of a plumber to restore water pressure.

How to avoid low water pressure?

Install a filtration system to keep minerals out of your pipes and help buildup in the future. Check pipes regularly to find and repair leaks in a timely manner.

Consult a plumber early on

It depends on how much you value your time, and how much free time you have to mess around with the items above. Bringing in a licensed plumber to address water pressure concerns can actually be a lot cheaper than trying to troubleshoot water pressure issues on your own. 

A visit from a plumber and an hour of their time in checking things out is not that expensive. In major metro areas, a plumber will cost you more. In smaller cities, towns and rural areas, a plumber will tend to cost less. It all depends on how much it costs them to run their own business in the area you live in. 

For example, bringing in a Hendersonville plumber can be cheaper per hour than bringing in a Charlotte Plumber, due to Hendersonville being a smaller market. You also get to plug into plumbing companies at nearby larger cities like Asheville, where you still may see a better project rate for a plumber to check things out like water pressure. 

In smaller markets and rural areas, you will find that there are still plenty of plumber to choose from, but there is not as much real plumbing work and projects to go around in the smaller market.


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