Monday, March 27, 2023

Crypto Exchanges That Offer Free Crypto


To be honest, everyone loves freebies! And there are some crypto exchanges that are offering free cryptocurrency to all. No, you are not dreaming and this is a dream come true opportunity.

Even if you are interested in entering the crypto world at a low cost. Or thinking about expanding your crypto portfolio. Free cryptocurrency will definitely come in handy! You’re lucky that you can obtain free cryptocurrency from the safest crypto exchange. It’s crucial to know that these sites offer the best crypto exchange rates as well! Let us check out which sites are offering freebies in this era of inflation.

Crypto Exchange Sites Offering Freebies

The crypto market is expanding day by day. With such expansion, many crypto sites are offering free cryptocurrency to attract more audiences. This can also boost the overall trust level as well.

eToro Sign Up Bonus

eToro is famous for being a reliable crypto coin exchange platform. But did you know you can earn $10 as a signing bonus on the platform?

To avail the opportunity, the user has to deposit and then trade $100. Once done, the new user qualifies to take advantage of the promotion. The platform will automatically deposit $10 in their wallet. Getting $10 for free isn’t a bad deal, where you can get a chance to purchase any cryptocurrency you are interested in. And don’t forget, the eToro crypto exchange process is also easy and perfect for new investors.

Voyager Exchange

Voyager is the best exchange for crypto which happens to offer freebies as well. At Voyager you can easily purchase cryptocurrencies like Ethereum, Bitcoin, Stellar, and many others. To qualify for a freebie, the user has to deposit into an interest-bearing account. This allows them to get 10% on the cryptocurrency holdings as an interest. For instance, you deposit $100 in the interest-bearing account and get $25 in Bitcoins as a bonus.

Coinbase Earn

Primarily a trading platform, Coinbase is one of the safest crypto exchange websites. But do you know with Coinbase you can get nearly $30 for free? The platform offers free crypto to those who take part in their Learn program. Currently, users can learn about 0x (ZRX), Basic Attention Token (BAT), EOS, and Zcash (ZEC). All you have to do is watch a video, take the quiz that has 3 questions, and answer them correctly. Voila, you won free crypto. Cashback Offer

It is a crypto exchange where users can enjoy a reliable crypto coin exchange facility. has recently partnered with Visa, where they are offering cash back incentives. So, if you are using a Visa prepaid card for purchasing items listed in their program, then you will earn a coin for free. For instance, users can win 10% cashback on purchases made on Airbnb and Expedia. 100% cashback offer is on Netflix and Spotify through their website.

Binance: Cashback on Binance Card

Binance is one of the biggest crypto exchanges of all time. The exchange exhibits million dollars’ worth trading volume on a daily basis. To further facilitate its user, Binance has several rewards and discounts programs. This is the main reason for the unmatched popularity of crypto coin exchange.

With Binance Card, the users can avail cashback offers for every purchase they make using Binance card. The ratio or number of rewards directly depend on the card level you are using or the amount of BNB you are holding within your crypto wallet. Moreover, the cashback is settled on a daily basis for every purchase the user makes from the previous date. In the future the exchange is more likely to offer impressive rewards programs. So, if you are a new trader then Binance can be the best exchange for you as there are plenty of trading options, and crypto assets available.

Final Verdict

Take benefits of the best crypto exchange with some freebies for investing more in cryptocurrencies. There are many crypto exchanges available in the market. Take your time to do detailed research and then decide which exchange aligns with your trading needs. Each of the above-mentioned crypto exchanges promises reliable trading options and digital assets, so avail them before it’s too late!


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