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Contemporary Hardwood Floor Ideas for Your Rooms make it possible


Are you planning to put your property on the market or getting ready for that dream revamp? Whatever be your plans, one of the most important elements that help decide the value and aesthetics of your property is its floor. 

Amongst the most popular hardwood floor designs is the contemporary modern style. This modern design is nothing but clean lines, subtle elegance, neutral colour palettes, and naturally beautiful- all rolled into one. 

Here are some hardwood flooring ideas that will elevate the ambience of your space to one that’s sleek, chic, and ultra-modern. 

Wire-brushed hardwood floors

One of the best modern hardwood styles to try out this year is wire-brushed hardwood floors. This keeps in line with every homeowner wanting something unique that makes their interior different from everyone else. This is perfect for homeowners who want to give their space a barn-like look. That’s not all, the process of scraping exposes the beautiful heartwood or the wood’s growth rings, giving it an incredibly stunning texture.

Fumed hardwood floors

The newest trend amongst Canadian homeowners are fumed hardwood floors. Fuming is a process where hardwood floor planks are exposed to ammonia causing them to change their colour and appearance. The floor looks gorgeously rich and charred giving the room a naturally rustic and chic look. The best part of these fumed hardwood floors is that since every plank looks different from the other, it becomes quite a talking point.

White oak hardwood floors

Light-coloured hardwood flooring continues to enthral people who like a naturally beautiful, bright, relaxed, and airy ambience in their space. This light-toned colour scheme makes your room look more spacious too, giving them the vibe of a modern farmhouse. This flooring goes especially well with rooms that have a high ceiling and a stone-built fireplace. 

Herringbone hardwood floors

This design is timeless when it comes to lending your space a raw, organic, and modern appeal resembling that chic warehouse ambience. Though it may seem like a new design, it has been around for decades. Resembling the skeleton of a herring fish, it involves the use of hardwood floor blocks laid out in a zig-zag pattern in the same direction. The unique ‘V’ pattern that creates in this hardwood floor, creates an optical illusion that makes the room appear bigger than it actually is. 

Mosaic hardwood floors

What stands out about this floor design is that its complexity doesn’t make it look confusing. Instead, it looks ornamental and exquisite. This design of hardwood flooring has unlimited possibilities and can be designed bespoke for your home, giving it a signature style that matches your personality. You can combine planks of different sizes, colours, textures, and more. 

Hardwood floors with wide planks

While many hardwood flooring trends have come and gone, one trend that has maintained its spot on the charts year on year is the one with huge wood planks. These long and wide planks are perfect for giving your room a stretched-out and airy appearance that’s modern and clean, especially when your home has an open floor plan. Not just this, they also lend a naturally calm and serene ambience to your house. Homeowners usually choose planks that are around 5-12 inches in width.

To make these modern Calgary hardwood floor ideas stand out even more, you can contrast your flooring with the furniture to create harmony and balance between the décor. Or you can choose one element that has a dominating wood colour as the anchor piece and use other contrasting colours to lend continuity and fluidity. 

What usually works best is to go with what your heart says instead of blindly following the trends. This is the only way to give your home a signature style. 

Since your floor designs will stay with you for a long time, it’s best that you get professional advice. Our design specialists have decades of experience in transforming homes and floors. To know more, visit our Home Flooring Design Centre at 423 58th Avenue, S.E, Calgary, Alberta, T2HOP5. For an appointment, call us at (403) 984 4100 or email us at [email protected]


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