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How to Change DNS Settings on PC


How to Change DNS Settings on PC
Change DNS Settings on PC

Change DNS Settings on PC. DNS represents Domain Name System or Domain Name Server or Domain Name Service. DNS is the foundation of present-day organizing. In this day and age, we encircled by a gigantic System of PCs. The Internet is a System of millions of PCs that associated in some or alternate ways. This system is exceptionally useful for productive correspondence and transmission of data. Each PC speaks with one more PC over an IP address.

This IP address is an interesting number that is appointed to everything present in the System. Each gadget whether it is a cell phone, a PC framework, or a PC each has its special IP address which is utilized to interface with that gadget in the System. Additionally, when we surf the web, each site has its exceptional IP address which doled out to it to be extraordinarily distinguished. We see the name of sites like, however they are simply veiled which are concealing these novel IP addresses behind them. As people, we will generally recollect the names all the more effective when contrasted with numbers that are the justification for why every site has a name that is concealing the IP address of the site behind them.

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Where Do You Get Your DNS Server?

The DNS server that your PC is utilizing isn’t something you ordinarily pick when you set up your PC. A great many people don’t have a clue where that space name interpretation finished.

A greater part of individuals have the DNS servers that are provided by their web access supplier (ISP) and simply stay on that, never acknowledging they have the Way of changing to a quicker one that could essentially accelerate their web perusing.

What Can Switch your DNS Settings Do?

There are a few purposes behind changing your DNS settings to involve one more server for settling web URLs and IP addresses, speed is only one of those.

A few public DNS servers can be 5x quicker at questions than others.

The following are a few reasons that you might need to direct your DNS settings toward one more server at home or work:

  • For quicker perusing
  • For security to darken your IP address
  • To exploit web separating business highlights
  • For parental control highlights

How to Change DNS Settings in Your PC

PC has three unique ways that you can change your DNS server settings that are genuinely direct. We’ll clarify each underneath.

These are the Best 3 Ways to Change DNS Settings in PC. Follow these steps:

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1 Way: Use the Settings Application to Change your DNS Servers

  • Start by opening your PC settings and going to Network and Internet.
  • To change your Wi-Fi System, click Wi-Fi.

Or then again

  • To change your DNS System, click DNS.
  • Tap on the name of your System. (On account of the picture above, you’d tap on “2/4network.”)
  • Look down to the space that says IP settings, and under IP task click the Edit button.
  • Pick Manual starting from the drop
  • Presently you’ll see a discourse box for the IP settings, and you’ll need to ensure the IPv4 switch is on.
  • Look until you see the Preferred DNS and Alternate DNS fields. These are the place where you can enter the IP address for the DNS servers you might want to change to.
  • For instance, assuming that you utilized Google’s public DNS servers, you’d enter:
  • Favored DNS:
  • Substitute DNS:
  • Click on the Save button and restart your PC to apply the changes.

2 Way:  Change DNS Settings in the Adapter Options

Start in much the same way by going to your Settings and Network and Internet region.

This time, rather than tapping on your Wi-Fi or DNS, you’ll examine the right-hand space of the board for Change your System settings and snap Change connector Ways.

You’ll see a rundown of all your System associations, which will incorporate any DNS, Bluetooth, or Wi-Fi Systems.

  • Right-click the System you need to change the DNS servers for and pick Properties starting from the drop menu.
  • Search for “Web Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)”, feature it, and snap the Properties button.
  • In the following screen click the button that says, “Utilize the accompanying DNS server locations:” and information your ideal DNS servers.
  • Click Save and Okay asked and restart PC to apply the new DNS server settings.

3 Way: Change DNS Settings with PowerShell or Command Prompt

Assuming that you’re happier with utilizing order lines rather than going through the Settings interface, you can likewise change your DNS server settings from either the Command Prompt or PC PowerShell.

  • Open the one you like and ensure you’re endorsed as a chairman.
  • Type in: netsch (press Enter)
  • Type in: interface show interface (press Enter)
  • You’ll see all the System associations empowered on your PC. Search for the one you need to transform (it would be your Wi-Fi or DNS), it should show as “Associated” under State.
  • You’ll utilize the Interface name in the following order.
  • Type in: interface IP set DNS servers “Point of interaction name” static [DNS server IP address] (press Enter)
  • In the line above embed the name of your System connector, which is recorded in the brief as the Interface name, in the middle of the statements, and on second thought of [DNS server IP address] type in the IP address of the DNS server you need to utilize.
  • For instance, on the off chance that your point of interaction name is Wi-Fi and you need to utilize the Google DNS server, you would type:
  • interface IP set DNS servers “Wi-Fi” static (press Enter)
  • When you hit Enter, the DNS server changed, and you can close out.


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